1633s not recognizing/accepting cd-r!

I just bought a brand new computer Monday. It is a Compaq that came with a Lite-On 1633S dvd/cd writer.
Problem is, the 1633s is not accepting cd-r media. I put in a Fuji, and attempted to burn an audio cd through Nero 6.6 and it ejected the disc and told me to insert a blank. I tried 4 different discs just to make sure it wasn’t a bad blank or two, and each time, nothing doing. So I went to the program PC Doctor , opened the tests on all drives, and under the Lite-On, it showed diagnostic tests for Ddv+, Dvd- and Cd-RW, but NOT Cd-r. Since that cd-rw diagnostic was the only one listed for cd media, I tried to insert a Fuji Cd-r and do the cd-rw test, it rejected the disc and asked for a cd-rw. There is NO mention of cd-r under the diagnostics.
I have planned to get up tomorrow morning and return the computer to Micro Center, but I just found this forum, and on the slim chance anyone is up this late that might have a possible solution, thought I would try.

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I think it’s wise to seek warranty for your drive. When you browse around in this forum you will notice there are a lot of 1633 and 1653 drives who have problems with not recognising cd-r media. Personally I would not hassle with it, and swap the drive.

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Thanks for the advice and for the welcome Leo! :slight_smile:
I had taken the computer back to Micro Center this morning first thing 11 am when they open, they said they only had one tech today, and would at least get it looked at. They close in 5 minutes, and never called me about it.
Anyone possibly have suggestions for a drive that would have the exact same specs or better than the 1633s in case I deicde just to replace it? I had burned one dvd with the unit and was very happy and impressed with the speed, then hit the big snag!

@Randall. Definatly take Idw’s advice and seek a warranty replacement. I have had no problems with my 1633s. When looking for a drive with same specs or better take a look at the Nec ND-3520A, great burner for the price! Also it’s a good idea to look at the “Recording hardware forums” and all the different drives available and what people think of their drives. Lots of good info. Good Luck. :slight_smile:

@ RandallG
Which 16x DVD writer should I buy? may interest you, although it doesn’t include the ‘new and improved’ Lite-on 1673.