1633S No longer reads CD's

A very Recent Newly purchased Drive (I read some where that Lite-on was 1 of 2 Manufacturers that supported 1:1 burning)

During a rencent burn of a .cue file with Nero it stopped at 100% but never finished to Completion - since then the drive can no longer read any CD nor regognize CD-R/RW media- DVD’s on the other hand aren’t a problem (OS is WINXP SP1 since this is my Game Machine)should I return it to my Vendor or is ths some other problem (I’m a system builder and install alot of cd hardware and it’s rare that the CD Read/Write side goes out so quickly)

Quickly Add: I’ve update firmware first to R then to S then to 41 tryed Ominitool and eprom tool to reset media

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Liteon have had a bad batch of OPUs in the 1633S. See [thread=114985]this thread[/thread], especially [post=779150]post #46[/post].