1633S info

Hi There,
I’d like to know what kind of dvd’s this writer will burn OK at 8X or faster.
I’ve found several k-probe scans here and there, but there’s no thread with an overview. Any firmware, speedhacks or strategyswitches that improve the writing could also be usefull.
The discs I’m most interested in are DVD+r’s. Mediacodes RICOH JPN R01/R02, YUDEN000T02, MCC 002/003/004, PRODISC R02/R03, RITEK R01/R02/R03/R04 and that’s about it. Please add at what speed you wrote them, cause I do find k-probe results, but then not the speed or strategy used.

Simple. Use RICOHJPNR02 or YUDEN000T02 for 8x. Don’t use it for 12-16x.

8X is nice also, but 12X would be more pleasant, my NEC3500 can do those babies at 12X, but I also want to be able to scan my dvd’s with kprobe or so and since I don’t have a dvd-rom I can’t copy on the fly with it, that’s why I need a second good burner. Would the 1633/1653S be able to write those discs at 12X with good quality in the near future? Perhaps I better get a Plextor 712 then, that burner also writes those media at 12X within 6m30s.

I agree .My 1213S@1633S@1653S burns Fuji’s (RICOH JPN R01/R02) and Maxell’s (YUDEN000T00/001/002) also in 12X with good quality.

But there are other drives that can write to the same discs faster and better. I mean, unless you have only one DVD writer which happens to be a 1633S or 1613S or 1653S. :slight_smile:

get nec the 1633 is kinda crapy well the one i have is anyways

sOlar, I get excellent burns of CMCMAG E01, TY02 and MCC003 at 8X. PI max 15 and PIF max 2 typically. At 12X the only good burns I get are with MCC003, PI max 50 and PIF max 2. The only media I have found that will work at 16X is MCC004 with a PI typically about 100 and a PIF of 4. All of these are with stock strategy as I have not found any swap that has improved anything. This is a 1213 that is currently crossflashed to 1633 and BSOK.

Thanks for the info, I bought a Benq 1620 today and that is a sweet burner. When I will receive my 1213S from rma I can go and test further with 1633S f/w on it.



Burned with 1613S@1653S CS02 at 8x on Oct. 25, scanned at 4x using the same drive, same firmware.

Scanning the disc at 8x using BenQ 1620@Philips DVDR1640P P2.4 firmware.

General Information
Firmware: P2.4
Disc: DVD+R (YUDEN000 T02)
Selected speed: 8 X
PI errors
Maximum: 94
Average: 34.16
Total: 480512
PI failures
Maximum: 10
Average: 1.11
Total: 8626
PO failures: 0
Maximum: 14.9 %
Average: 12.00 %
Scanning statistics
Number of samples: 17691
Average scanning interval: 8.11 ECC
Glitches removed: 0

note that the second scan at 8x generally will get higher errors that is normal. i tend to use 6x on the benq it seems closer to the 4x scans from my liteons.