1633S increase in PIF mean anything?

So I have like a handful of DVD’s burnt many months ago or more, and now more recently, various box backups and DVD movies etc, and my recent discovery of how to use kprobe.
My issue is I’m wondering why all my early/older burns have such a lower amount of PIF’s? than anything I have burnt recently???
In fact I just realised even some stuff I burnt just 2 weeks ago have lower amount of PIF’s than anything I have burnt in the last week…

I have attached an old burn, and two recent burns, all done on Maxell 03 media, all burnt at 4X (yeah I’m to chicken to burn any faster), and the most recent one was my effort to try a firmware upgrade and even a reset.

From some of the burns I have seen I suppose they look ok?, but I’m just curious why all my recent burns have suddenly so much more PIF in them?

@ Bishop74
Welcome:). Since you has similar results from different firmware, my guess would be that the media itself is the cause, just variable quality, but still OK, just not as good as earlier stuff you had…were these all from the same spindle? You are getting lower PI counts as well, so maybe the newer discs are slightly less quality and the previous PIs are now PIFs.

Yeah, I think overall my PI is down on more recent burns, not sure why, but even on an RW I have been reusing I have noticed more PIF on recent burns than on an older burn that I forget to save the scan for.

Could also be media quality, most of the older DVD’s were bought as singles, for testing purposes on different media ID types, “but” I bought a spindle of Prodis DVD’s recently that were low PIF when I started the pack, and went up by the time I burnt the last half, and now everything I burn has a higher PIF.
I had a bad feeling that it could be either high use, or something to do with burning xbox backups, which I just started doing for the first time, and have done like 20 of in the past week or so…

Maybe I’m just paranoid, I also think it’s weird that I also did a couple of + disks for the first time last week, and even though the PIF on -R disks are more, the + disks I did are insanely almost non existent on the PIF chart.

On those original test DVD’s, I did learn not to use Sony though…

Don’t pay too much attention to the PIF/PIE if your disc meets the specification well.

Don’t worry. It is possible to get slightly different PIF/PIE for the same media.

I think you should do a Transfer Test of Nero CD/DVD Speed. If the transfer rate is smooth. Nothing to worry

Prodisc is not a good quality disc. Not recommend for important data.
Sony is bad in making CDR from my experience, not sure if they do for DVD