1633s headach



well so far i using bs41 and i can only get good scans at 6x no matter what, as i mean 6x burning, 4x scanning, i try at 8 and i cant get nothing good, all seem to want to be coasters, and i tried the good mcc and ty media and with the same bad results, should i go back to bsos?

i mainly burn + media

but yea, i mean 6x is cool i guess, but i wouldnt have bought it for 6x, but maybe i go back to the prignal firware i got with it if i remeber to back up which i dont know if i did, i know i back up the fw before the bs41 tho somehwere

thanks in advance


well i am now working with the bsos firmware, and so far its a lil better as i do get decent but not by far good scans at 8x burning, i saved all the setting and backed up everything from the bs41 so if i need to go back to that


You can upgrade to crosspatched 1653 Firmware CSTJ from the site below. Much Better.



Same crap here: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=128836
I just can’t burn any faster then 4x… Why did I buy this 16x burner :frowning: ???

PS: a friend of mine who has the 401s@811s can burn perfectly on the same media which doesn’t work form me @ 8x :a


If you gentlemen had done your homework, that is, spent a few hours reading here, then you would have known BEFORE you purchased that the 1633 is not a preferred burner. I have a 1213@1633, which I bought specifically for running Kprobe. It is also a fast ripper, and does a fair job of burning with carefully selected media at lower speeds. But I knew before I purchased it that it was not as good a burner as a Nec or Benq. Next time, do your homework (like your momma kept telling ya!)


My 1633 with BSOS gives me good result up to 8X. I long ago stopped dreaming about any improvement. I only use it to burn CDs. I think there is more then a firmware issue there.


bichonn, have you tried the CSTJ firmware? It did provide some improvement for my 1213@1633, not nearly enough to put it into contention with Nec or Benq, but still worth doing.



Like I said above, I use my 1633S for CDs burning and cracking as it is good for overcoming all those securities (which is a very good point for the 1633). I am not really in the need of improving the way it burns DVDs as I own a BenQ which is just perfect for that.
I will give a shot with CSTJ to night (just for the pleasure of doing it) but I really don’t need it as I am happy with it just the way it is.


Maybe I’m just lucky, but I’ve gotten good quality burns at all speeds up to 16x (Verbatim Media). I’m running the BSOS firmware.

I’ve found it burns perfectly at Media rated speed. So far so good.


well i bought it as a digitalmax (owned by liteon) at officemax on black friday for 40 bucks and didnt know what it was till after as no one heard of it, and 40 bucks aint hurting me back then

but i am just amazed how bad a burner this is tho, u live u learn u burn at 6x :slight_smile:

until 16x media comes out more in bulk and not just here and there and prices come down to what it should be, i am stuck at 6, maybe the 16 x will burn at 8 or 12 good :slight_smile:

its a shame my btc drive does a lot better then this liteon