1633s freezes desktop when most cd's are played

I just got a new 1633s for Christmas. I installed it as the master on ide2. i have a maxtor hard drive as the slave on the same cable/port. I put in the nero cd that came with the drive, and the desktop freezes to the point i have to do a manual reboot. most other cd i put in will work for a minute or two and then freeze up. For example, I just got the game Jedi academy, so i was going to install it. I put the disc in the drive, and it autoloaded the installation menu screen. but i couldn’t do anything after that. My specs are as follows:

Windows XP SP2
Asus A7n8x-e deluxe
WD 250gb hard drive (master 1)
wd 40 gb hard drive (slave 1)
IOmagic dvd-rom/cd-rw (master 2)
maxtor 60 GB hard drive (slave 2)

I simply switched out the iomagic combo drive for the new Liteon 1633s.

any ideas?

I’m using a K8N-E Deluxe without any problems. But my five hard drives are using the SATA ports. I have two 1633S drives on the ide channels, both as master.

Remove the Nvidia IDE controller driver and revert to the standard MS driver. If that’s not it, report back with a complete list of all burning software and media players currently installed.

i’ll try the changing the ide controller, im not home, so i can’t do it right now.

Since I do a lot of video editing and watching, I have a ton of different codecs and players installed. Are there any particular ones that have been known to cause problems?

Without supplying any details there will be no way to help you. Attach the text output of Nero Infotool.

hard to do when i can’t install it…

There’s about a 50/50 chance it’s the Nvidia IDE driver. Some folks report improvement by upgrading to the latest driver package, but it’s still a problematic driver and should be avoided.

Barring that, look for a program that uses auto insert notification, like a media player or InCD/DirectCD, etc. etc. Also, if you have WindozXP burning service running, disable that for sure. Turning off Auto Insert Notification might help too.

okay, i will try all of that…


I have had zero problems with the NVidia ide driver.

Okay, i figured it out. aparently the 1633 didn’t like having the maxtor hard drive as a slave. it works great now, 2 dvd-rs burned, 0 coasters. I just have 60 gigs less space than i did before…