1633S doesn't like my -R media

After more testing today i can only conclude that these datawrite greytop (FUJIFILM03) and some Rivision (RITEKG04) dont like my 1633S. none of the scans i performed in nero cdspeed would give me a smooth reading curve, so i decided to try the only +R disc that came with the drive which was an 8x speed (RICHOHJPNR02) disc, and when i performed a scan with the disc i finally got a smooth reading curve up to 12.25x

Can anyone help with these discs or show me scans of there own experience’s with them as so i can make comparisions. I see a lot of scans on the 812/832S
but not much for the 1633S with certain media, if someone could point me in the right direction that would be great.

Also what would be great is if someone could show me a reading curve with there own 1633S. My drive is using BS0H Firware Omnipatched (v1.3.13) with the recommended strategies, increased reading speed, and auto bitsetting.