1633s -Dl instead of +DL

Is there any way to make the 1633s burn -dl medial as in dvd-r dl media, instead of the +r.

No, this is not possible.

Neither would there be any benefit to ever using -R DL…

  • The “dash” format in general is technically inferior to the “plus” format
  • -R DL is less playback-compatible than +R DL
  • -R DL is even less compatible than +R DL given that you can’t use bitsetting
  • -R DL is less readily available and as a result also costs a bit more
  • -R DL is smaller by a few megabytes (not that anyone cares)
  • -R DL is a less mature product than +R DL
  • -R DL is slower than +R DL (now that 8x +R DL is here for certain drives, and the next LiteOn model will support 8x +R DL)

IMHO, there is no reason to even consider use -R DL, ever. I think it exists mostly to save the dash camp from embarrassment.

I’m not trying to be one-sided. I honestly have yet to see even one area where -R DL is better than +R DL.