1633s dead please help me :(

i have a 1633s lite-on drive and i use omnipatcher to upgrade the firmware and my system hung and messed up the flash or something and it died no lights come on or anything now its not recognized with anything. i really need some help i have tryed mtk flash but i dont know if there is a specific version that works good witht he 1633s also can i run mtkflash from the command prompt in winxp or do i have to do it with a dos boot disk? could that be my problem its on secondary master so i put 3 for the drive and i followed what the site said to do i have tryed a few differnt mtkflash version and i cant get anything working.

if anyone can help me get this thing going that would be great i had it for a week i upgraded from a 812 liteon that i had upgraded the firmwares on and it worked great and i had upgraded the firmware on this one once i got it and it worked find then i found another one to switch to and then it died :frowning: please help me its a brand new paper weight

omnipatcher does not update the firmware. it only patches the firmware flasher file than you can afterwards run to flash the drive.

your post would make more sense if you’ve used some “.” and “,”.

you must run mtkflash in real dos mode and then flash a binary firmware. you can get a firmware here: http://codeguys.rpc1.org/firmwares.html#SOHW-1653S