1633s - CS0R, CS0T, BS0Y or back to BS0S? Sony 16D1 scan attached

I just bought a box of Sony -R 16D1’s (Made in Japan - Sony branded).

I’m using CS0R patched firmware. I’ve noticed that whether using CS0P or CD0R Codeguys firmware, I get much better scans on any +r media (whether CMC or TY), than I do with -R media.

Here’s my first scan for the Sony 16D1. While the q score is pretty good, the PIE’s are somewhat high. I always seem to get high PIE’s whenever I use -r media.

Several questions:

  1. Why is it recommended to use a 4x speed for the Nero Disk Quality test when using a Lite-On burner?

  2. I’ve seen some scans that show high quality scores for other manufactured drives even though the max PIF was very high. With Lite-On, the second the PIF max is over 4 or 5, the score dips greatly.

3)If the CS0R firmware makes the drive think it’s a 1653, then why is Nero only allowing me to burn the Sony 16x media at a max of 8x? The specs for the 1653 show a 12x max for -R disks. Is it something I have to adjust myself?

Here’s the scan:

1/ Above 4x the 1633S/1653S does not return reliable results.

2/ The LiteOn uses 1ECC which means a maximum of 4 PIFs are allowed. Other drives use 8ECC, which has a maximum of 16-32 are allowed. 1ECC is better because 8ECC can hide a spike that can cause the disc to be unreadable.

3/ For some strange reason the SONY16D1 is only enabled to burn at a maximum of 8x. I guess they couldn’t get it to burn well enough above this speed. You could try enabling the 12x speed using OmniPatcher but I wouldn’t want to bet on the success of the burn.

BTW, make sure you save your scans in the .PNG format. It’s easier on the eye. :wink:

Will do. I’ve noticed that while Nero saves it in a small png file (12k), when I open it up to edit (for adding burn speed text), I can’t seem to save it any longer as a small file. Suddenly the png file is 70k, and if I optimize it, it looks alot worse.

Thanks for the info. This site and yours are like Adult Ed. continuing electrical engineering/computer lessons. It’s hard to get to sleep once you start reading these threads.

Someone on a previous thread said the 1633s and the 1653s burn best at 6x speed. I’m going to take a guess and say that it depends on the media, as I’ve seen great and bad burns at all speeds. Has anyone kept any stats regarding success and failures at burn speeds? Are the Lite-On’s known for favoring +R’s over -R’, or does the BS0S firmware favor -R’s?

Are there any favorites yet re: the above referenced firmware?

at first i had a stock dwd22a w/ BYS2 fw. i updated to BYS3 b/c my drive would only recognize my Verbatim 16x dvd-r (MCC 03RG20) as 4x. i then upgraded to the BYX5 b/c i heard that this fw was supposed to allow me to burn -R media at 12x, tho my drive still would only recognize it as 8x. i then flashed to the CSTR, which then allowed me to write the MCC 03RG20 at 12x but the drive light would constantly flash. so i went back to the BYX5 and then the CS0R and back and forthe a few times burning a few different media. long story short :P, i ended up using the CS0R w/ FB patch, tho it didnt work for me on the first flash or it might just be the media b/c it still doesnt like my RITEK 16x +R (RITEK-R04), media i still get a large spike that sends the QS down to 40 or so - even after 6 or so burns, tho my second burn w/ Memorex 16x + R (RICOHJPN-R03) is probably my best burn ever. :bigsmile:

1st burn @ 16x w/ BYX5

1st burn @ 16x after crossflashing from BYX5 to CS0R

2nd burn @ 12x after CF from BYX5 to CS0R graphs and stats are for 8x and 4x read speed

i forget after how many burns this was…burn @ 12x after CF from BYX5 to CS0R
(ritek media the above was memorex)

this was after the previous burn

burns seem inconsistent w/ the ritek(RITEK 04) media but seem ok with the memorex(RICOHJPN 03)

Have you tried TY’s and Verbatim MCC004’s?

I’m happy with the new CS0T, I OP’ed it with crossflash, 12x dvd+r read speed (16x get’s bad ending as expected), with MCC004 set to burn at max 8x, here are the results:

would the TYs actually be branded as Yudens?
thx in advance.

which one are u referring to?..the one from the Codeguys site or the Lite-on Taiwan site? thx in advance.

He can’t use OmniPatcher on the official firmware (Taiwan site), so it must have been ours. :wink: Our stock firmware is the same firmware anyway.

I thought the Lite-On’s DQ test speed setting should be set at 4x?
Yours is set at 8x.

Here’s my 2nd scan using the Sony 16D1’s - burned at 4x speed with a
1633s@1653s using Codeguys CS0R. Except for the late high PIF, I would have had a 95 QS. The PIE’s are lower than my last scan, so either it’s the decrease in write speed, or the unit is learning the media code.

The only other difference was that I burned this as a UDF DVD rather than an ISO DVD.

WiltonParmenter, any reason you’re not using CS0T? Nice burn, btw. :slight_smile:

Thanks. That’s the reason I haven’t switched to CS0T. I just switched to CS0R several weeks ago and reset the learnt media with EEprom. I had never done it before after I upgraded from BS0S stock to CS0P, and after burning a few CMC E01’s at 8x that weren’t recognized by my drive (4x was no problem), I thought it was time to reset.

Would you suggest I upgrade now to CS0T? Is it that much of a change?
I knew it’s just a matter of flashing the exe file.