[1633s] CS0M or CS0T firmware

I have CS0M now for a while and I am most of the times happy with my DVD+R burnings @ 4x. I always use quality discs: Tayo Yuden or MCC (Verbatim).

Bu today I noticed some bad burnings @ 4x with Tayo Yuden :Z and the Verbatim MCC004 are just perfect. I tested them with Nero.

I also noticed that sometimes it helps to upload the same firmware again to the writer… but why would my Tayo Yuden burnings suck now, and the MCC004 doesn’t?

Is CS0T perhaps a better quality firmware then the CS0M? After the CS0M I never tried another firmware, because this one gave me finally good results.

is it real TY? also sometimes the drive’s learning feature gets a little confused; instead of reflashing, try resetting eeprom with the eeprom utility (backup first though!)

Yes it’s very real TY :wink: (from Fuji).
I reset the Eeprom when I crossflashed the burner to a 1653, but I could try to reset the learnt media. Sure it won’t do more dammage :wink: ?

Because the Verbatims burn very well…
And is the CS0M still the best firmware or not? I don’t care about speeds :wink:


@ relex

You could try to reset learnt media, but make a backup of your EEPROM first. If it don’t help, you can restore it.
My drive did not like CS0M, I had better results with CS0P, CSTR, and CS0R. And now CS0T, until now it performs nice. I think it’s a good idea to try CS0T. If you’re not happy, you can always go back or try one of the other CSxx firmwares, or Sony BYX5.

:slight_smile: Leo

its prob a bad batch, i have some bad spindles of ty fuji and then some kick butt (very good ty fuji)

i gotta try this csot, but i am waiting on the fbdx one :slight_smile:

It could be a bad batch… but I really like to see some comparison between CS0M and CS0T

csot works better in most cases

my burner is on its last leg, but csom was good, but i know csor was better, and csot is supposed to be better then csor

Do you have to do an eeprom reset from CS0M to CS0T?

Code65536 once told me, if the first two characters of a firmware are the same, then you don’t need to reset the EEPROM. Coming from CS0R I tried BS0Y, and used restored EEPROM data from BS0S. After that I flashed CS0T and restored the data from CS0R. That way I have the benefit of the learnt data belonging to the family of firmwares.

:clap: Leo

After some testing te burning with the CS0T firmware still isn’t good. The problem is at the beginning of the disc… high peaks and after the first ~100-300MB the burnings get perfect :s?

What to do? reset learnt media or would it do more dammage then good? because the Verbatim MC004 burns perfectly

@ relex

You can try a reset after you make a backup of your current EEPROM. If not satisfied, you can return to the state your drive is in now.

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I did do a reset. The Tayo Yuden media burns perfectly again… I haven’t tested the Verbatim MCC004 yet.

BUt still I’m very disapointed about the burning quality of my verbatim DVD-RW media… I don’t know what kinda scans others get with that media?

For Mcc004 media try change strategy to YUDEN000-T03

I’m using exclusively MCC003 and OPTODISC R8. With the CS0P firmware my 1653S perfectly burns both media at 8x. After flashing CS0T the burning quality was even a bit better (especially R8). But now burning quality is significantly worse (the same batch). What to do?

what will that do?? i use MCC004 will i get better burns??