1633s crossflashing to 1653? csoc and cso9

I just got my 1633s I hope its worth it, it seems that liteons reputation is going somewhere not good. but hey opinions are like assholes, so well see

ok what has me bewildered is why is it I can cross flash to the 1653 with CS09 firmware, but I cannot flash to CSOC?

I know omnipatcher will not make a csoc crosflasher, but at least with my benq experience, you would crossflash from the one model to the other, and then reflash within that model???

and while were at it, there is barely any speak through my searches, of the best method for quality burning with the 1633

My current dilema is that either I got 300 prodisc S04 and F01 R- printables, I am getting nothing but crc errors and high PIE scores :frowning:

You can use omnipatcher to crossflash csoc I did it with my 1613s and got great results.

Unlike the Benq, when you crossflash a Liteon you cannot then use non crossflash patch firmware. This is because there is a hardware signature in the EEPROM that tells the firmware what model the hardware is. If it does not match the current firmware the drive will not work properly. You can either us OmniPatcher (as RickV said) or you can use the pre-crossflashed latest versions on my site. :wink:

Since you didn’t get a welcome on your first post I will say it here, welcome to cdfreaks and thanks for replying to charm’s question. :slight_smile:

Guess he couldn’t find the pre-crossflashed CSOC!!


You know, thats the one you are working so hard on!


puff puff finished, hehe. :wink:

Thanks for the Welcome. I have been reading and learning from the wealth of knowledge on this site. I didn’t see a crosspatched version of CSOC on your website (did get the version I crosspatched from there though). It has made a big difference in my burns. I have Ridata RO3 that I could only burn at 4x before and Verbatum MCC003 that would give me errors at very end of burn at 8x both burn fine at 8X now. Should I try the one crosspatched one on your Website or leave well enough alone?

ok…but what if you saved the original eeprom when you got the 1633s…can’t you then ‘restore’ the eeprom first…then use a non-crossflashed firmware…and restore your drive back to the original 1633s from…lets say 1653 CS09

your drives eeprom will stay 1633s. even if you crossflash to another drive. if you want to return from 1653 to 1633, you have to flash with a patched firmware, because you can not downgrade firmwares. but then you can use stock flashers.