1633S Cav, Pcav, Zclv?

Correct me if I’m wrong:

  1. BS0K, BS0R, BS0S use ZCLV for -R@8x,4x
  2. BS41 uses PCAV for -R@8x,4x

I guess PCAV is better than ZCLV?

How do I check which type of speed a given firmware uses?

ZCLV is only used for 8x (4x uses CLV), and yes, PCAV is better than ZCLV. It’s usually quicker and does not require any re-linking like ZCLV does, at the speed shift points.

BS41 is quite unique. It’s the first time LiteOn has actually changed something like this without a model change, so normally you can just use the original specs of the drive on LiteOn’s site, to find out what technique it uses. :wink:

Thanx a lot and Merry Xmas!!!

Seems to come out that some drives like BS41 and some don’t, while some like BS0R and some don’t.

The time BS42 is taking to appear, I presume it’s going to be more than just “BS41 with a 4X DL actually enabled” - is it possible that we may begin to see a definitive “good” firmware emerge?

i don’t believe liteons technical engineers can make “good” firmwares.

hey, they should work together with engineers from NEC, so we get very good firmwares which are easily patchable. dreaming