1633S can't read/write normal cds


I recently bought a SOHW-1633S, it can read/burn dvds w/o problems. But every time i try to read a presed cd or insert a cd-r to write, it apears to start spining the disc but then explorer or nero hungs.

I have a HD in the primary master

In the secondary there’s LTD163D as master and the 1633s as slave

The 1633s came with firmware BS0C, i flashed BS0K started noticing the problem , went back to BS0C and the problem didnt go away.

Any help is appreciated.

Your not the first with this problem, but todate I have not seen a solution. Try the 1633S on it’s own, as the secondary master, and see if that helps. In the last thread about this, it happened after an erasing of a CD-RW, and the drive had to be RMAed in the end.

i have the same problem and my drive is on the secondary master already. This is a silly question but wot does RMAed mean?

What is my best port of action to solve this irritating problem?


Can anyone out there help. Thanx

Return Material Authorization. Basically it means return the drive for repair or replacement.

C0deKing, now i remember erasing a cd-rw, before flashing to BS0K.

I tried with the drive alone in the primary and secundary, as master and slave and nothing. No reading/writing to cd’s.

I will try to rma it

thanks anyway

Same problem, erased a cdrw and now I can’t read/write any CD, CDR, or CDRW. This is annoying as hell. I sent my old 812s back because it couldn’t burn dvds for anything, I get a great burning 1213s and this happens. I’m about to give up on Lite-On.

Same problem here… but the drive is less than a week old, is the Master (and only) drive on the secondary IDE and I have not used it to erase a CD-RW.

I did update the firmware to BS0K though… I don’t know if I was having this problem previous to that or not.

Has anyone found a solution? And does anyone know where I can get older versions of the firmware so I can try to flash it back to BS0C?


You can get the older firmware versions from my site. Follow the link in my signature to the firmware page.

Can you post a Nero Infotool report as a text attachment.

Thanks for the head’s up. I had actually visited your page and downloaded the older firmware already before I saw your post.

I noticed that at some point Windows had dropped the drive into PIO mode, so the first thing I did was to uninstall/reinstall the Secondary IDE, which brought it back up to Ultra DMA Mode 4.

I then reflashed back to BS0C. No luck. Then I tried seting the drive up as a Slave, still no luck.

Installed Kprobe and it installed ASPI, but that made no difference, not that I thought it would…

Lite-On’s technical support said that if flashing the firmware didn’t work, there was no other solution. The rep was reluctant to issue an RMA and was fairly insistent that I return the drive through the distributor…

So, it’s going back today. I’m a little concerned, as this is one of two SOHW-1366S drives that I purchased together, and the other one is intended as a gift. I’m hoping this problem isn’t related to a batch or lot, because then it may turn out to be bad as well.

Also, in thinking about it, I’m certain the drive was working recently, for both CDs and DVDs. It is possible that it stopped working after I upgraded the firmware.

I am attaching the extremely long Nero InfoTool report to this post. Offhand I notice that the read speed seems to be wrong.

The only other thing that may look a little odd is that it reads the location as 3:1, which is because my system shows as having two Primary IDEs and two Secondary IDEs. I believe this is because both the SATA and PATA interfaces are enabled. I doubt that it would have anything to do with it, considering that it was working previously.

Thanks for your help.

@ Nomad_2k4 & Others
Just a shot in the dark, but, look at this thread…did you(and any other of you in this thread) flash correctly, selecting the ‘cross-flash’ option in OmniPatcher?

@ Nomad_2k4 your ASPI layer may be a problem

ASPI Information

System ASPI : ASPI is installed and working properly

WNASPI32.DLL : 4.71 (0002) 45056 bytes July 16, 2002
ASPI32.SYS : 4.71 (0002) 16877 bytes July 16, 2002
WINASPI.DLL : n/a 4455 bytes July 17, 2002
WOWPOST.EXE : n/a 3535 bytes July 17, 2002

these 4 entries need to be version 4.60. You can get what you need here

Haven’t encountered with such a problem - though did erase a CD-RW… Drive reads CDs great and I’ve never heard of anyone in Russia having such problem. Maybe, it’s just defected batch?

Though there’s enother problem reported by other men as well: CD-RW burned with LiteOn is hardly readable with other devices! :confused: F.e., I do have ASUS CRW-5224A. Burned Verbatim CD-RW 24x with my 1633S and could only read it with ASUS at 30 kbytes/sec or so. LiteOn read it well. :rolleyes:

Well, I’ve killed my ASPI 4.71 layer and installed 4.60, no luck.

I’ve burned a patched version of BS0K, still no luck.

I’ll be reverting to the unpatched BS0K and RMA’ing this drive.

@ Nomad_2k4
Not to challenge what you say but did you check in nero infotool to make sure the 4.60 installed? Sometimes it is tricky…

I’ve had the same problem with the 1633. I have only had it for about 2 weeks, and it has burned DVDs without any problems. However, I noticed that it wouldn’t recognize any type of CD.

I ordered another 1633 and installed it today. It recognized and burned every type of CD or DVD that I threw at it.

There must have been a bad batch of these burners since so many seem to be experiencing the same problem.

By the way, there is a new firmware update (Bs41) for this model which is supposed to increase several DVD burning speeds including DLs.

Here is a link to the new firmware…


My recommendation, based on my experience, is to RMA your 1633 if you have the problem with CDs and hope you get a good one.



Fantastic. Thanks for the heads up on this one. :slight_smile:

I used ASPICHK to verify the ASPI layer… and have since RMA’d the drive. Had to pay $20 to ship it back to the distributor via UPS ground, which is irritating as the only reason I bought it from this distributor in the first place was 'cause it was $20 less than most places… grumble, grumble.

Thanks for the help everyone.

I just noticed this same problem yesterday. I hadn’t erased a RW and had burned CD-R’s previously. I tried 3 different brands of CD-R’s with no success. Still am able to burn DVD’s. I upgraded to BS41, but no change. I guess I’ll try and return to the retailer, or RMA if they don’t have a replacement.

try deleting the driver pxhelp20 and let me know if that works. it is listed in the driver section of info


Further to a conversation with hearsjohnny, it would appear that this driver may be something installed by Sonic Mydvd that causes Elby software to generate an errror after a restart. As we are not sure that this is related to the issue in this thead, I would not recommend deleting this driver, at this time.

I too have purchased an external SOHW 1633S for use between desktop and laptop. I am in the UK.

It will burn CD+R & CD+RW no problem.
Soon as I switch to DVD Nero (6 Reloaded) freezes. The type of media used is reccomended ie. Lite -on’s own DVD+R and DVD-R supplied with the drive. Also with TDK DVD-R’s too.

When I CTRL+ALT+DEL it shows explorer not responding, I shut that down and then MSQSRV32 is not responding, I shut that down too and then I can shut Nero down. I then have restart my pc.

I have emailed Ahead thinking that the problem could be software related and I am awaiting a reply. I have also emailed LiteOn themselves as yet no reply either.

I am not impressed as the drive is only a few days old, especially hearing everyone else’s tale of woe. I am not sure where to go now.

I am a bit nervous of flashing the firmware yet as I might have to return to the supplier.
Can anyone suggest anything else I can do?

ChRiS (G)