1633s burn speeds

this is just a comment… but im looking at alot of these posts regarding scanning and burning regarding quality etc… and i noticed that most are taking longer at higher speeds than im getting. the 12x and 16 x speeds are about the same as im getting on my +Rs at 8x… if i use nero i get a 4.3gig file done in 2 or 3 seconds under 7 like 6:58 or something… if i use image burn on the same file i get around 7:10 or so… BUt remember this is with DVD+Rs using richojpn01 disks burning dvd-video using OG F/W with latest tweeks. nero 6.X.X.25 so no bitsetting… im thinking that im not even gonna worry about hacking it to 1653S or use DVD-Rs because the speed is just slightly faster… matter of a few seconds…

i know its about different ways of writeing… im not looking for someoneto tell me why its like that… the fact is that it is like that… and for the time being thats all that matters… im glad im getting these speeds… im happy with this burner as long as i can keep getting my hands on this medai ill be good…

FYI newegg has them ridata DVD+Rs 100pk cake box for 36 with 10 MIR labled richojpn01 so far… MOST are 01 but there have been some unconfirmed reports of 03s… not me though

Lead-in and lead-out, unfortunately, take time, esp. lead-in, since that’s when the drive does laser calibrations.

A full-disc 16x burn took me about 6:20. A full-disc 8x burn took me abou 8:10 (with 4x-certified media at overspeed, the lead-in is much longer because extra calibrations are performed and the total is about 8:30). So the difference is only about 2 minutes. This is because of CLV vs. CAV. Unfortunatly, 12x is rather conservative in the newer 1633S firmwares and thus takes only slightly less time than 8x. The early 1633S firmwares (e.g., BS01) were much more aggressive and would have 12x burn times that were very similar to 16x burn times.

Most of my media is 4x-certified. Mostly the Ricoh R01s from Newegg. 8x works nice and smooth; at a bit less than 8:30 per disc for a full DVD, it’s faster than most other drives. :slight_smile:

Other factors can come into play. Buffer underruns will often cause the drive to just shift into a lower speed, and if I’m not careful about defragging my HDD, it’s easy for my 16x burns to turn into 8x burns as the drive decides to downshift due to buffer underruns.