1633S BSOS Firmware Burning Speed?



Bought a Lite on 1633 Burner a few months ago because the Lite On website said there would be a firmware release to upgrade the Burn speed of DVD-R to 12x and DVDR-DL to 4x, so I rushed out and bought the burner and when firmware BSOS came out the Upgrade advertisement disappeared. I live in Calgary, Alberta. Canada and do not yet have accsess to the newer higher speed media. My question is did BSOS in fact upgrade my burning speed or is the firmware still in the works. I have e mailed Lite On with the exact question twice in three weeks and have received no reply.Sorry if this is already posted somewhere else on the forum but I did a search and didn’t find the answer I was looking for. P.S. I know I can cross flash but why void my warranty when Lite On has promised this upgrade in their stock firmware


Yes, it was promised, and as far as we know, it’s still in the works.

A little note about crossflashing though…Even though it does void the warranty when you flash to a crossflash firmware, you can reflash back to your original firmware using the omnipatcher designed by C0deKing and Code6553. After the reflash, your drive will appear as if it has never been altered and therefore you can still have a warranty:) The only way you might be put into limbo is if something happens that makes the drive unable to be flashed, which would probably make it unoperable anyway, so your probably safe there as well.

On top of all this, there are “correct” firmwares available on the site that are designed for the 1633 specifically. The latest one is BS0S. All you would have to do is use omnipatcher and change the write speeds. The only one I changed was for the MKM DVD+R9 for precisely the same reason you are awaiting the new official firmware. Oh and don’t forget that with C0deKing’s latest release, he applied a LEDFIX, so that the multicolored LED in the drive is allowed to use it’s colors. Green for reading, red for writing, and orange for buffer underrun. Incase you are unfamiliar with the history of liteon drives, the multicolored LED functionality used to come standard, until the parterning with Sony.


@ crossg
Look in the FAQS here . Following the link from there, you get here . It looks like Liteon offered the upgrade to BS41, then removed the upgrade. BS0S is supposedly newer, but it does not include 12x-R or 4x+R9 writing speeds. You can still get the upgraded firmware BS41 from the C0deguys site under ‘1633 enhanced’ both ‘stock’ and ‘patched’ versions. If you flash with the ‘stock’ version, I would imagine you would still be under warrant. You could also mod the BS0S yourself in OP to add the higher burn speeds, but that is risky at best. I hope that is what you are looking for.


Siant 327 and Please. Thanks for the info! Seems like Lite On would make that info available to people. Like I said they won’t answer my e mails regarding this subject and this was the reason I bought this drive in the first place. I have a crossflashed 851@832 and it works well so I will try the enhanced version from the C0deguys website.Thanks Again.


Just got an e mail reply from Lite On regarding this firmware and thought I would Post it for inquiring minds. I don’t really understand the whole e mail but it must be still in the works.
"Dear Sir,
I’m sorry for the delayed replay.
The firmware is not ready for release, we have not finish the media
compatability list and it has not
pass the Microsoft driver compatibility test. This means you will have less
compatible media and you
might have installation problems. However if you still want it we must let
you know that we are not
responsible for any problems after the upgrade, so you may continue at your
own risk.

Would any further information, please kindly visit LiteON IT Corp official
web site - www.liteonit.com

If you reply do please include all previous emails.thank you very much!
Best regards,


the same answer was already given to a guy on an other forum 2 month ago.

They probably have pre-written answers for this type of question.


hey, look at cstj :wink: works like a champ :slight_smile:


Yes I flashed to that firmware and put a scan under your post 1663 to 1653. Very happy with my burner now.