1633s; BS41 or BSOS

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OK bare with me please as this may be a dumb question. But I just noticed that Liteon let out a BSOS F/W for the 1633s with in the last couple of days. I’m running BS41 now. I went to flash to the BSOS and it prompted me that I was already using the most current F/W.:confused: What’s up with that??? Am I reading something wrong or what? BSOS did at first look familiar but I went back and checked that the previous F/W I used was BSOK and started with BSOC. Is BSOS to new for the flasher to recognize as the newest or is this an old re-modded F/W? Hope the question isn’t to stupid. Thanks for any thoughts & Happy Holidays.


yes, i got that promted 2, and i have BS41, but i recomand u to stick with this f/w

Take the flasher from the codeguys site, which does not use that stupid revision check.

i wanted to flash my 1633s BS41 to BS0S, the CODEGUYS flasher poped up the message, that i’m already using the newest firmware…

btw: BS0S is way better than BS41 (i don’t burn any -r discs and +r9 are too expensive.)

BS0S is way better than BS41

What makes you say so?

Oops :slight_smile: In this case flash the .bin files from the codeguys package with the firmware flasher available in the sticky liteon tools collection thread.

With which F/W???:confused:

I used the flasher from codeguys site???:confused: :confused: :confused:

btw: BS0S is way better than BS41 (i don’t burn any -r discs and +r9 are too expensive.)[/QUOTE]

I’d like to know what makes you think this also. Thanks


Hey chok0…

Can you or anyone else tell us why you think the BSOS is better than the BS41???


i was able to flash, in the message i had just to klick on ok, then it flashed.

with BS0S i get besser results as with BS41. and as i don’t need -r and double layer capabilities, ill stick with BS0S. it’s newest fw release for 1633s and i will only change it for testing BS42.

BS0S is ok. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey All…

So I’ll try again. What’s the difference between 41 & OS? Are there new write strats in OS from 41? Why does one want OS over 41? Thanks for any and all replys.


You’ll find the answers in the thread 1633S Cav, Pcav, Zclv?

Hey Pete…

Thanks for trying but I don’t see where the link you started and lead me to answers my question. Which once again is, whats the difference between the new BSOS and the BS41? New right strats? More media options? What? Maybe I’ll get lucky and get an answer from Codeking if he so happens to see this. Or anyone else who can shead any light on the matter. Thanks again.