1633S and indicator light

I had a 451S and when it was writing the light would turn red. I just got a 1633S and the manual says the light on it should be red when writing on it as well. Mine doesn’t, it blinks green. Did they change the light function while writing? It seems to write ok, just curious. TIA.

It stay’s green. It’s the Sony way…

Hmmm, too bad I liked the red better.

The story is that SONY likes it to blink green when burning, instead of solid red as LiteOn DVD burners did before SONY got on board the LiteOn bandwagon. Sounds like they just forgot to update the manual.
I found the blinking green strange at first, but you’ll get used to it. :slight_smile:
Oh yeah, I liked the red better also.

The thread about this is [thread=122221]here[/thread].