1633S and DVD+R problems



I have a Lite-On 1633S with BS0Y firmware that I very seldom use and really only for backup purposes. I am using Nero v6.6.1.4. I have had the drive close to 15 months now so I know I no longer have a warranty on the drive. Because I use this drive rarely I finally went through the 25 pack of -R’s I got with the drive and have never before last week attempted to write to a +R. I went and bought some +R 16x Verbatim media and have been unable to write to them. I thought it might be an isolated media problem so I borrowed an “Office Depot” brand +R from a friend and I am also unable to write to it. Furthermore I bought a single maxwell -R and +R. I was able to write to the -R but not the +R. Does anyone have any ideas? Is there a seperate Laser for + and -R and my + laser just stopped working? Any help would be awesome.


nouturn20, sorry for the slow reply.

There were quite a few 3S drives that suffered from this problem. Unfortunately the problem appears to be hardware related and most that suffered from the problem just returned their drives. If you crossflash your drive to 1653S firmware CS0T, you will at least get 12x -R CAV burning (see my site). Sorry I can’t be more help in this case.