1633s and 4x DVD9+R write?

I see the NEC3500A and Pioneer 108 supports 4x writting of the double layer. Does anyone know if the 1633s will with a future firmware upgrade or can the chipset in the drive not handle it?

It will be “some months” before LiteOn has a 4x capable drive. Whether it will be firmware compatable with the 1633 is unknown. Even if it is, that doesn’t mean the results will be good.

From what I have heard liteon only did 1213 and 1633 to be in the market first, the real liteon 16x drive will be called 1635/1655 and not use the same chipset as the older drives. This drive specs released very so cant say for sure but most likely will have 16x -+R and 4x or 8x ±RW, as well as 4x DL. But I really dont think 1633 will ever get 4x DL or 16x -R added.

Actually, the next drives to come are stated to be the 1653 and 1673. The 1673 will have 4x DL. This assumes that LO sticks to their plan.

That’s not what I’ve heard…

If we see the same Mediatek chipset in another drive that does do 4x DL, then we may be able to draw some conclusions, though the OPU and other components may not be up to it, even if the chipset is proved to be.

The fact that the 8x chipset, from as far back as the 451S, can do 2.4x, meant it was a logical assumption that the next generation would do 4x, and quite a shock when the 1633S arrived with just 2.4x.

It could very well just be a firmware limitation with nothing to do w/ OPU or chipset. shrug That was certainly the case with the 832S.