1633S@1653S upgraded to CSOM & CSOP +R bitsetting gone?



What happened to the +R bitsetting.
Patched the both CSOM and CSOP from codeguys with the latest Omnipatcher and recommended tweaks.

Then I find out that the +R bitsetting is “Enable autobitsetting” is greyed out. What does this mean? Does this mean I can no longer bitset my +Rs?


“Enable autobitsetting” is greyed out just mean it had autobitsetting.


So are you saying no more bitsetting from +R to -ROM for my 1633S@1653S?


Never mind. Check with DVDInfroPro after burning with Nero. Booktype of +R is -ROM.


the booktype with newer firmwares can be set with the official liteon booktype utility.
it remains in the eeprom, even after a reflash!

get the util here: http://www.liteonit.com/odd/Zip/BookType135.zip


@chok0: Ya, tried that also before I started this thread.


with new firmwares you need just to use the official liteon bitsetting tool once, and then use normal burning software.