1633S/1653S CD-R/RW Lead-Out Problem Experience

Hi, I read some posts about problem with LiteOn 1633S/1653S when writing to CD-R/RW media. Problem occures when writing Lead-Out session and after that can not read/write any CDs, while DVDs are OK. As I understand every 1633S/1653S drive is affected by this problem.

Is this true or not?

Can you post experience about this issue?

I have no such issues with my 1633S (BS0S).


You are right, this has been happening to a lot of 1633 and 1653 drives around. It could be a faulty drive, a problem with Nero, a configuration problem (conflicting drivers or conflicting other burning software), problems with firmware, ide cables or power supply units, nobody has the “real” answer yet. The term “bad batches” of drives often occurred in the related threads, but with a problem excisting so long, even with the 1653, IMHO you can hardly speak of a “bad batch”. It’s time LiteOn (and/or Nero) have to get to the bottom of the problem and come out with a real solution, other than replacing drives.
Fortunatelly, it seems I may have one of the good drives, Nero, configuration or coincidence. No problems here. I’m using WindowsME, with stock ASPI, SOHW-1633S, made in China September 2004, delivered with BS0C, now running BS0S, 80-wire cable, 450W psu, Nero (IMHO better as the 6.6 versions), MoBo DFI KT600L, Athlon 3000+, 512 ddr.
Your post did’nt state if you own one of this machines, but if you do, I wish you the same amount of luck with it as I have (for now anyway).

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Does anybody know these defective LiteOns are pure LiteOns or OEMs like Sony or Teac?

I tested 3 CD burnings last night on 1653S@CS02 using Nero
The drive was manufactured in China (read from the box), retail version, date 2004-12-10.

First: No Multisession, Disc at Once, Finalized, CD-R @ 32X
Second: Multisession, Track at Once, Not Finalized, CD-RW @ 10X
Third: No Multisession, Track as Once, Finalized, CD-RW @ 10X

All was OK, no writing problems.

When I tested writing quality with KProbe at the end of second burned disc (99.8 % was done), strange sound was coming from the drive, maybe it’s usual when reading CDs, and I pressed eject. Disc was ejected, but disc engine spined up few times (without media inside, strange, isn’t it) until I closed KProbe. Can this damage the drive?

It reads CDs/DVDs without any problem.

If you post experience with such issues, can you write data about the drive (model, where is manufactured, OEM or Retail), burning software (name, version) etc.

@ mehdinh

When I want to eject a scanned dvd or cd most of the times it don’t come out unless I close KProbe. Maybe some kind of protection? Or just a small bug? If your problem may (have) damage(d) the drive I don’t know but to prevent it it seems to me wise to eject the disk after you close KProbe.

I see that you are using an older (6.3.x.x) version of Nero, just like me. Yesterday I found another thread regarding the cdr burning issue:
The answer from Regnim99 about “Enable generation of short leadout” did me look at my Nero version, but I could not find it in Expert Features. I can not check it, so it is un-checked. Maybe it is only available in 6.6.x.x. But could it be a possible answer to the problems with the leadout in cdr burning? Just thinking…

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It can be true, but it’s stil unknown is every 1633S/1653S affected by this.
I have retail 1653S@CS02 manufactured in October 2004 in China, Nero, and it does the job with CDs and DVDs on Windows XP SP1. I didn’t try to upgrade to Nero 6.6.x.x.

Can someone who has the problem try to check is the solution if you uncheck (disable) option “Enable generation of short lead-out” in Nero (File -> Preferences -> Expert Features)?

Took my 1633 back last week. Stopped reading and writing CDr after a failed lead out. Got it swapped for a 1653.

Will need to wait and see now.

@mehdinh : I’m not sure if unchecking “Enable…” will cure the drive. I can only hope that unchecking it will avoid damage to the drive.

@ m0n5ter : Did you burn with Nero? If yes, what version? If available, was “Enable generation of short lead-out” checked?

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My 1633s doesn’t have this problem. But then again, I rarely use Nero. It might be an issue with Nero and this drive.

I used Nero

Don’t think the box u mention was ticked. I can’t actually see it to be honest. Was it a feature added after

@squinty : U only get this problem once. Once if happens, your drive is fooked. Keep yer fingers crossed.

Ah, good thing I don’t use Nero much then, lol. I do remember Nero having a bad incompatability with a certain drive a while ago that resulted in a dead drive.

@ johnsilver

As far as I know it affects every 1633/1653 based drive.

@ m0n5ter

I really don’t know where to find this “short leadout” thing, it’s not in my version But as I have no problems (yet), I stick to that one and hope to avoid them until somebody find the problem and the cure. Hope you have better luck with your new drive.

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I dont seem to have this problem with my 1653 drive (Oct 04) using up to date software/firmware, but I mainly use my Nec3500 for burning & 1653 for reading. I do use the 1653 for audio cds tho. read & write because of the excellent reading qualities (sheep/protection) :slight_smile:
Tests I`ve done so far IMO still show the 1653 to read better that the 3500 but only just!!
Quest Solver

I use Nero and I don’t have option Enable generation of short lead-out. Maybe thats why my drive still works.

I will not switch to newer version of Nero until LiteOn give us more informations.
I sent them e-mail with explanation that on almost every LiteOn forum there is posted this problem. I asked them to test the drive and give as real solution or problem description.

Here is the e-mail I sent to them:

Hi LiteOn Team,

I have read a lot of complaints on 1633S/1653S drives. The problem is that the drive doesn’t read/write any CDs after lead-out process locks the computer when burning CD-R. On many forums, including discussion on your web site, there are this complaints. It looks like some kind of software/firmware problem when Nero 6.6.x.x is used, but may be also with other Nero versions. Can you do some tests on this problem, find the solution which is not returning and replacing the drive and put explanation/solution on the web site. Maybe it’s Nero problem or some kind of driver. Try to unlock CD read/write options. In Nero 6.6.x.x there is option Enable generation of short lead-out, and, maybe, it’s related to this problem.

Thanks a lot and have a nice day,
Mehdin H.

I had a lead-out problem with my 1633, but it turned out to be Nero. Version fixed the problem.

One difference, I could continue to write cdr-s after the lead-out problem. It sounds like you can’t.

@ mehdinh

Very good idea, sending an e-mail to LiteOn. I wonder if they ever answer, though. When they investigate it, and come with a solution, it saves them lots of money and they gain satisfied customers too. So it’s in their own intrest as well! Keep us informed… :bow:

@ AnthonyN

Some do, some don’t. You were lucky. You stated that fixed the problem. Can you tell us with what version you experienced the lead-out problem? :confused:

@ all

For all of us using this drives, still in good working order, it’s very frustrating that we have to keep our fingers crossed when burning a simple cd. It would be nice to know with what version(s) of Nero the problem occurred, trying to find out if there is any relation to a specific version and the problem. :iagree:

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There is another thread of the same topic:

I had the problem with nero

I reported it to nero as I’m sure lots of others did. They notified me when was release and said that fixed the problem.

This is what I found on the Nero website about ‘short lead-out’ for those who are interested:

[I]Support for short lead−out recording:

Using settings in Expert Features the lead−out time can be reduced to approximately 10 seconds or less

This is an improvement from the previous lead−out time of up to 90 seconds on previous versions of Nero

This option also enables your recorder to write approximately 12MB of additional data to your CD/DVD in Disc−at−once

The only “theoretical” problem this feature may cause, is a possible incompatibility with some Audio−CD Players. (No such problems have been observed so far.)[/I]

It is introduced in de 6.6 series, so not available in older versions.

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This problem had nothing to do with short lead-out. Either setting would hang at the lead-out indefinitly.