1633s@1653s - can't write at 16x with Verbatim MCC004

Using my Lite-On 1633s (with CS0R cf/patched) I’ve been getting good scans with Verbatim 16x +R’s (MCC004). However, I can’t seem to burn them faster than 8x.
I’m using Nero I just upgraded the drive to 1653s using EEProm (two weeks after the CS0R fw upgrade). Even the 1633s specs state that the max speed for +R’s is 16x.

Here’s my latest scan. I tried burning (using DVD UDF format as they’re media files)
with the speed set at 16x. About 1/3 of the way through, with the drive spinning loudly, it reached a max of 8.2x or so and then suddenly seemed to stop for a split second, drop down to 5.9x and continue along at that pace.
It took about 10 minutes for the disk to finish. As you can see the scan isn’t bad, but I’ve had a few better with the MCC004’s.

You could try burning @ 12x? If C0deKing releases the fast-burn patched version of CS0T he is working on, you could benefit from it. Let’s all wait patiently…

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…and patiently we are waiting :stuck_out_tongue:

I have been fiddling around with LiteOn “16X” capable drives for a year or so trying to get them to burn at 16X with quality similar to what I was able to achieve at 8X 2 years ago with a 451@851. Finally ran low on patience and ordered a SHW-160P6S from Newegg for around $42 shipped and as you can see in the included scan, a quality 16X burn with MCC004 is possible. PIE’s start out super high then settle down for an unknown reason but discs are perfect on playback.

Edit: Seems I can’t attach file, but the QS was 95%.

with my MCC004 on 1633@1653 (CS0T) I get much better results @8x than @16x, here are the scans:

I meant specifically the first generation 3S drives :rolleyes: I know the new generation drives are better. But as long as my upgraded 1633 performs as it does now, I’m happy.
This the scan of my latest project, a concert of 3,5 gb, transcoded from avi to dvd with NeroVisionExpress, burned with Nero @ 4x.

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I’ve tried 12x, and it also maxed out at approximately 6x. :confused:

Strange, considering that if I use 8x, it writes at 8x all the way through.
This might be a simplistic question, but should I try using the IDE cable that came with the Lite-On unit and replace the one I have in there? One would think that if the current cable is sufficient enough for the drive to reach 8x, then it should also achieve a 12x or 16x speed.

Just to see what kind of speeds I got with CD-R’s, I just tried burning a CD at 48x, and achieved a max speed of 43.3 at the very end. It moved up the ladder from about 24x to 32x halfway through and then averaged between that and 40 the rest of the way.

Is this normal for the 1633 or should I reach max speed levels?

Which drive and did you actually reach 16x? I have my Nero set to reflect the speed as it’s burning (with that registry tweak that was described here awhile ago) and only when I use the 8x speed does Nero reflect that as a constant speed.

[B]Decent scan. My scan reflected alot lower PIE’s and lower PIF’s even though it adjusted it’s speed down to 6x midway through the burn. Now I have doubts about upgrading to CS0T! :confused: again!

Mcbyte, any reason you’re using 8x for the disk quality test speed rather than the recommended 4x?[/B]

Ldw - Have you ever tried 16x and did you reach that speed with the 1633s.
I’m not really concerned with the quality of the result at this point. I’m just curious as to why I can’t reach 16x.

No, I never bought 16x media either. I have a very picky standalone player, that tends to freeze if the dvd is written at higher speeds, even if the scan is perfect.
About switching to CS0T, why don’t you just try it? Why all this hesitating? You can go back to CS0R anytime. What have you got to loose?
About the cable, are you using a 80 wire IDE-cable? Do you reach a burst rate in KProbe of about 40 mb/s? I don’t remember asking you this. I don’t think the cable LiteOn supplied is a 80 wire.

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btw…just so u kno…the CS0T FB patch is out! :bigsmile: