1633 & usb2.0

Is there any particular reason why this drive is not being seen through an external usb case?
I already used this box with all my drives without prob…

I’m using Win XP and the box is connected by a pci-usb2 card
based on an Ali chipset


If you go into Disk Management does it see the drive? It may be there and you just need to assign a drive letter to the drive.

Also even though a drive letter is not assigned your recording software may still see the burner (like Nero).


You wont be able to burn at 16x, let alone 8x on USB2.0.

You can burn @ 8x throught USB 2.0. But you are correct about the 16 x burning.

I have a 1213s@1633s in a USB 2.0 enclosure and burn just fine @ 8x.


I’ve read that some are having problems at 8x with USB2.0

I am afraid that I am one of them. Not sure why!
Burn imaculate burns @ 4X with my 812S@832S on any disc (within reason!), but transfer speeds can’t keep up with 8X. Checked all the usual factors, but guess it is my “no-brand”-“certified USB2.0” external box ;(
As long as my slower burns are OK, I guess that I can live with it, as CDs burn @40X with no problems whatsoever.

my problem is that the device gets connected but not recognized
it looks like no “drivers” are found and it remains as a not working usb mass storage unit.
Sort of plug&pray not working…

Sorry, read the following posts more closely than your original one!
This may be nonsense, but when I originally connected my external box I had the same problem. I already had Nero installed on my system but it wouldn’t “see” my drive, neither would Windows.
So - I installed the complete package from the CD (Sonic MYDVD) that came with the drive, and Windows/Sonic recognised it straight away. Then I uninstalled all the Sonic software (as I prefer Nero) and then Nero & Windows recognised my external drive. I couldn’t find any specific drivers on the CD by exploring, so I have no idea why this worked for me, but it did.
Hope something works for you!