1633 Rip Speed?

Is there anyway to improve the read speed of the 1633S?

I replaced my 812 with this drive to improve rip time. Didn’t gain much. Matter of fact my 3500 rips twice as fast:

1633 8min 8 secs. :frowning:
3500 4min 23secs :wink:

Using f/w BS0C


What kind of media? Theoretically, the 1633S can read 16x CAV for all types of media, though OP only sets the recordable and DL to 12x instead of the 16x max.

Ty 0002

So it’s reading at 8x… you can use OP to bump the reading speed up to 12x, which should help it. Future versions of OP will give you the options to bump the speed up to 14x and 16x… (rdgrimes has 1633S firmwares that I sent him with 16x read, and they seem to work well with his drive, though it hasn’t been tested much except on his drive and a bit on my drive)

OK, I’ll bump it to twelve with OP. Interesting that Liteons propaganda defines it as 16X read. Damn, I hate midleading BS like this.

Code if you decide to let others test that firmware, I’ll sign up. Worst that can happen is that I trash the drive and just move to (2) 3500’s. Which I should probably do anyway…


Well, it is a 16x reader, if you feed it a pressed SL disc. It is common practice for speeds to be slowed down for recordable media so that the user does not encounter drive thrashing if the user feeds the drive media that wasn’t burned very well. For well-burned media, the 1633S is perfectly capable of reading at the full 16x. Heck, my 1633S read a disc with PI avg > 200 and PIF avg > 30 at 12x without a glitch, so fast reading is certainly possible. It’s just that LiteOn likes to be conservative about things like this (the same is done w/ their DVD-ROM and combo drives, which is why there are similar reading-speed firmwares for those drives).

16x reading/ripping is not a great idea with this, or any, drive. In the case of the 1633, it generally reads ROM discs (real ones) at 16x with few problems. But using it to rip movies and other intensive reading tasks at 16x will generate enormous amounts of heat. It’s also true that most burned discs and DL discs will not be readable above around 14x in this drive. The result is that the drive slows when it hits 14x, and usually finishes the read at 8x or so. So, many discs will be read in shorter times at 12x than at 16x.

YMMV, but this is what I found with considerable testing on this drive. If you are hell-bent on having all discs read at 16x, I would be willing to post a FW with this capability. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you, and remember that I advise against it…


I have no reason not believe everything in your post. Your experience and contributions here speak for themselves. If ripping at 16X is gonna be a problem I’m certainly not interested.

I see you also have a 3500. I’ve backed up alot of stuff by ripping it with the 3500 at 16X without a problem. Is there a reason the 3500 can do without issue while the 1633 can’t? Or am I missing something here also…


WTF, to avoid the onslaught of PM requesting this FW, HERE IT IS .

Please bear in mind that the use of this FW violates the terms of your warranty agreement, use it and you are agreeing to give up your warranty.


I’ll chime in with the “YMMV” part… my drive doesn’t seem to have much of a heat issue when reading or burning at 16x… but I guess it could also depend a lot on system setup, ventilation, etc… it varies… but anyway, I, too, wouldn’t recommend pushing the 1633S too high… 12x or 14x is usually adequate, methinks…

One thing I noticed with BS0C @ 16x-rip is that DVD-R reads very strangely. It tops out at 8x, but is very erratic. It seems to do the same thing at 12x-rip. Earlier versions of the FW did not do this, I think. DVD+R is fine.

Maybe someone else can confirm this.

I tried it - thanks for making it available- but my drive wouldn’t even recognize the discs I tried. So I went back to the vanilla BS0C (at least till I get around to trying the newer versions). Maybe future OP versions will make this option generally available.