1633 read quality bad?

i have scanned some discs with a 1633 and the kprobe results are quite a bit worse than when they were scanned with a 1613 i had.

these increases were on same disc and all burnt on an NEC 1300A
the PI errors have went from about 0.69 to about 3.xx
the PIF errors have went from about 0.01 to about 0.10

i just got this 1633 drive so should i exchange it for another one? :confused:

the main reason i have this drive is just for ripping and error scanning so i want a good quality drive

I’d return it… I went through 4 of them to get one that worked even close to my 812… :cool: :cool:

i am scanning a pressed dvd movie and the scan looks horrible on it also :Z
i will post back results when finished

this is a scan of a pressed disc movie :Z