1633 perfect & horrible at the same time

hi, i posted a while ago with 1633s issues. i posted a bunch of scans showing pi in the 1000s and po in correspondingly scary amounts. cd/dvd speed often wouldn’t even make it halfway through.

so i got me the sd-r5372 cos the local store was out of 3500 which i was going to try. just for kicks before really tossing the 1633, i ran a couple of comparative tests with kprobe… i had bought a liteon dvd-rom as a dedicated scanner because i didn’t trust the 1633 (which upon scanning a disc burned on the sd-r5372 gave the same usual outrageously crappy results) and because the sd-r5372 cannot do scanning.

it now seemed that the vaunted reading ability of the liteon 1633 was really at fault, and so i ran a couple of comparative scans. i burned the same disc on the toshiba and liteon, and read them both in the liteon dvd rom (and did this four or five times). lo and behold, on TY02 media, the liteon gave amazing results! the toshiba also produced some pretty sweet scans, but not as good as the 1633. i double checked with transfer tests in cd/dvd speed on both the liteon dvd rom and the toshiba, and they were all very nice & smooth. i also checked two result sets in dvdinfopro. i mean, we’re talking now results like pi max 30, avg. 4, po max 2, avg. 0.32, 0 errors.

what’s more is that i scanned some of the discs i’d made before and given up on as coasters but didn’t throw out cos i’m lazy and my desk is a mess, and guess what? even these dirty, ashed-on, slightly scratched-up discs gave great results too! the sd-r5372 was able to copy all the contents of these and the newer discs to the hd with what i assume to be average speed for a dvd drive, i.e., maybe about 4-5 min. and this is on a variety of media including prodisc, mkm, mcc, ty and cmc.

so the conclusion of the tests = my liteon burns great dvds and has great tweakability thanks to omnipatcher, etc., but cannot read anything consistently well, cannot do accurate scanning, and it even has issues with reading and copying files from pressed media with virtually no scratches or dust!

my question is, can i trust the burning ability of the 1633 drive even though it has so many difficulties reading media and copying files? i don’t want to have to use kprobe or run any of these tests that take forever every time i burn a disc, but accuracy is more important to me than how long it takes… is the same laser used to read and write, just focused differently? and is there any way i can find out why the reading ability on this drive stinks, and maybe how to fix it? thanks to lots of your suggestions when i thought the whole drive was bunk, i tried many many many things ranging from replacing ide cables to firmware upgrades to messing around in my registry. nothing changed the crappy reading on the drive though.

btw, i know that it is ‘looked down upon’ to kprobe with a dvd-rom, but i cannot buy a 3rd dvd burner, aside from which 3 16x dvd dl burners in one computer is RIDICULOUS. the scan results (which included no errors of any kind) were supported by the fact that i could actually transfer the files to disk at a reasonable pace (with no errors of any kind) from both the dvd-rom and from the toshiba burner - and i don’t think i was able to achieve this even just once with the 1633s performing all tasks. i know that even if the dvd-rom is lying about scan quality, the discs are not coasters, even though my liteon 1633 thinks differently. i wish i could just smash all 3 drives together, then i’d have the perfect burner/reader/scanner.

versuchs mal mit einem erneuten firmware flash. vlt ist beim vorheringen etwas schiefgelaufen…

thanks… i’ll try, though i have tried many different versions… currently i’m running bs41 - out of the box, the stock firmware had this problem, as have bs41 and 42 and some older ones (some for lower-speed liteons)… i’ll try bs41 again, but i know i’ve flashed this one a number of times in between other efforts… vlt??

vlt - maybe

try cs09 or bs0s, i get very good results with these.

ok, i tried bs04 in the past with no luck. i just didn’t think a firmware could change a drive from being unable to completely read most discs to being able to deal with them adequately. i’ll post whatever happens later…

This can be open for debate - One would wonder if the 1633 burns like crap, but the better error correction of other drives is why you are getting better kprobes, but in reality the burn quality is poor, OR, the 1633 has poor reading. In such case I would not trust a drive that can barely read pressed DVDs or burnt DVDs. Try to find a known, picky DVD player, and burn a full movie to fill your DVD+R, set to DVD-ROM and play it on a few players that are very picky…Particularly older ones.

You could always take your DVDs that you burnt with a previous liteon drive, such as the 811S, and for which you already have a scan on record. Scan this burnt DVD on the 1633, and compare graphs. If the 1633 scans for the same disc is decent, then that might suggest the 1633’s writing is at fault too.

BTW, do you get those horrid scans on your 1633, with 4x and 8x burning as well or only 12x, 16x ?

that’s a good point, although i’m wondering if error correcting (on a dvd-rom no less) is adequate to make such a HUGE difference in the scans.

unfortunately, the 1633 was my first dvd burner, up til 2 months ago i relied forever on a lovely tdk 52x cdr, so i only have scans of discs made on the 1633 and sd-r5372 scanned off the 1633 and 167t…

i have always thought there was a mechanical issue with the thing… my cat runs out of the room at the squealing i sometimes get trying to read discs with it, but i thought if it was anything awful it would have to affect the burning too, and my latest test results show that either it burns fine or the dvd-rom has some great error correction (as the 1633 basically showed every scan to be unworthy even as a coaster, that’s how bad they were - i never want to see avg. pi=1434 again, ever). also, the sd-r5372 scans are equally bad in the 1633, while they are close in quality to the 1633 when scanned in the dvd-rom.

of course, this could mean the toshiba is crap as well and the dvd-rom is saving the day again, but i don’t think that’s the answer. it just boggles my mind that reading could be so off and writing seems to be near-perfect. i have virtually no techie friends with any interest in dvd burning, so i have no other scan-enabled drives to test on, and despite the temptation and payday coming up friday i really do not want to get another drive, as if i can prove somehow that the scans from the dvd-rom are reliable, i have 2 solid drives already, essentially one for speed and one for quality… i know i could just get one and return it, but i don’t even see any other drives around at the few electronics places around here that seem to be reviewed favorably by folks here. for example, i’ve never seen a benq in my life. and it takes circuit city a long time to get the latest drives from a company like liteon. the little systembuilder/reseller i get most of my stuff from because they have newegg-like prices and are not a chain only has the toshiba, liteon, and nec, which is not a scanning drive. and even if i’m going to return it, i feel horrible about shelling out serious $$$ for a plextor at compusa because they will randomly charge a 15% open box fee.

my other note i’ll make is that unlike most people here, and i posted a poll a while ago in another area of the forum to find out, i am not burning dvd movies at all. rather, i got the burner to make HIGH QUALITY permanent backups of a rather large and cumbersome mp3 collection of albums on cdr. i could reduce my collection size by a factor of about 6 with regular dvds and almost double that if dl media ever becomes cheap (my dvd-rom scans of verbatim dl burned from both drives are fantastic! only the 1633 had a small cough when changing layers in one out of 7 burns on the drive, and the toshiba had none at 5x!). so i have been wondering if the nature of the file structure i’m burning means i need to interpret scan results differently, but now it seems the issues lie elsewhere…

oh, and the horrid scans were mainly of 8x burns of +R and 4x burns of -R, with some 12x +R and and one 12x -R thrown in (testing the updated firmware), as i can’t find much 16x media here in new york city of all places and i can’t order things online without a card, which i don’t have, and also i’m terribly impatient. these spindles of cdrs are driving me insane.

Well you either use poor media or you have a bad drive - Many people here have reported excellent scans with their 1633, while some people have reported horrid ones, with same media that others are getting good results on.

Can you try something ? Scan the same disc that gave horrid results, on your 1633, but instead of using 4x scanning use 2.4x, and let me know what you get…

Next… Try copying the said horrid DVD to your HDD, using your 1633… copy the whole content to a folder… Note any failure and crc errors, then run a read/compare.

If at all there is an issue wit the 1633’s reading, it is probably something that can be fixed/improved in a future firmware. If many people have problems reading/copying discs in their 1633 they should all send feedback to liteon, that’s the only way they can know about this and possibly fix it. they rely mostly on users to beta test their drives :smiley:

that would be nice if they shipped samples and we only had to pay when the drive was perfected!

ok, i’ll pick a random disc, as they all give horrid results on the 1633 (on media ranging from the ‘gold standard’ ty to the fairly average (?) prodisc and below average cmcs) and almost uniformly great results with the dvd-rom…

one issue i also have is that often, my kprobe and dvd-speed scans on the 1633 would stop at around the same area that a data transfer would stop (i.e., kprobe would get stuck on infinite errors at 25% through the disc, cd/dvd speed would give the crc error message at 25% through the disc, and data transfer would generate an error or hang indefinitely at 25%). used to make me think it was the disc, and hence the burner, but they scan nicely on the dvd-rom AND if there is any spiking (40 or 60 pi, as opposed to 1000-1400), it doesn’t necessarily come in the same area as the original scan picked up. unfortunately, i got two new sata drives last week and backed up my scans onto them, among other things, and they both failed. thanks, raid. thanks, maxtor. so those are off to the manufacturer, but in the mean time i have none of my old scans. i’ll run some tonight and post.

Well first it’s liteon then it’s maxtor :smiley: Goes to show you things are not built as they used to, not only for dvd burners but for most things in general.

#1 I have never had any problems with maxtor, yet some people have…

#2 I have not had any much problems with liteon yet some people have…

And the fact you ended up with 2 bad liteons is not uncommon - read the forum :smiley: Make sure those (beep) don’t make you pay the shipping to send to them - it’s their bloody mistake they shouldn’t make you pay for it. :slight_smile:


Deja vu :slight_smile:

well, so far only one bad liteon (to my knowledge the dvd-rom is most likely working ok)…

i’m workin the firmware updates, i’ll see what i can come up with and post the scans.

i had a similar problem. try reinstalling your ide driver…worked for me