1633@memorex f16 BWSE good scan?



hi guys:)
yesterday i made two burns and scans after that on my 1633@memorex f16 BWSE with quite new media on our area (poland) ‘‘Samsung Pleomax R+ 8X’’.
I burned it at 4X and scaned of course at 4X.
When i sow the results i can’t proof my eyes :rolleyes:
it’s really kick ass media or maybe it’s only an accident at work??? :wink:
any way i burned next with even better result so maybe it isn’t an accident :iagree:
i would like to know what is your’s opinion in this matter?

best regards


the xxx3s firmawres are good in burning @4/8x. the scans are good, but they are written with low speed.


Try burning the disk at 8x and scan at 4x and see if the results are still close
to what they are now if so then it is some very good disks. :slight_smile:


i agree
8x is hit and miss with these drives.try a 6x burn and see what happens
hell you should burn at max speed and see how they look.