1633 BS0C burn results/discussion



I like this firmware :iagree: . CMC F01 burned at 4x with stock settings other than Autobitsetting.


Hmm getting some wierd results strat swapping. Does omnipatcher strat swap work for these new drives?


I think Liteon are finally getting there :slight_smile:

Burned using default strat @ 8X


So, do you think the Liteon 1633s BSOC is better than the Sony 710 BY01, or is it still too soon to tell? My 1213 should arrive today, and I am wondering what to flash it to.


Seems to be, although this does not have the same bitsetting options as the Sony.

I would give them both a try, but for me the BSOC works better


Is the “CMC Mag” a cheaper media? Not familiar with it. Nice scans tho.


Yes pretty cheap about 25$ for 50. Sold as HP DVD+R 4x for the F01.
39$ for 50 for the HP DVD+R 8x E01.


Well you do not get much cheaper than this media :slight_smile:

Default strat and written @ 4X


AFAIK, strat swapping works fine for BS0C despite the little glitch with not displaying the +R9 codes. But I haven’t really played around with BS0C yet… I’ve gotten a nice TY T01@8x burn using the usual T02 strat. Seems comparable with what I got with BS01. Haven’t used BY01 yet; probably won’t, just because it’s a Sony firmware. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, my new 1213S arrived this afternoon. I wasted no time in flashing it to the BS0C firmware that we are all discussing here. My first burn was to a “PRODISC R03” DVD+R 8X disc, of which I recently purchased 100 from SuperMediaStore. The results were not too bad. Check it out here:



My first test with BS0C…

Scan #1: REFERENCE SCAN, Ricoh R01 burned at 4x using 451S@832S VS0B
Scan #2: Ricoh R01 from same batch burned at 8x overspeed (R02 strat) using 1213S@1633S BS0C

The PIs are nice, but the PIFs are a bit higher in total count than what I would’ve wanted. This Ricoh batch that I’m using is a bit marginal and so far hasn’t been as good as any of the Ricoh batches I’ve used in the past. Compared with BS01, BS0C produces slightly higher PIFs but slightly lower PIs.


Here is another good scan, on what some conisder to be poor media, can we finally start saying Liteon might have a decent firmware, they must have made a mistake :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

Burned DVD-R @ default strat @ 4X


any1 able to burn successfully any dual layer +R on 1213–>1633


The BY01 has been pretty good on strat swaps, and performed well, its been smoother than matching the 700 firmware with strats


Prodisc S03, DVD-R 4X, burned at 4x, on 1213@1633, BS0C firmware. Nothing to brag about, but good enough…


I still get some real bad burns with strategies that work fine with my 832. It is ok firmware but they have room to improve.


Well, it is definitely better than earlier versions. 8X burn of MCC003 using stock strategy.


Wow looks awesome :bow: :bow: :bow:


I’m starting to wonder if this drive needs some sort of “Burn-In” process. Not only have the burns been getting better as the firmware improves, but I see a consistent improvement in subsequent burns with the same firmware. Can’t really explain why this is happening, but I’m not complaining.


My first burn with my 1213S @ 1633S, Used RICOH R02 strategy at 8X.
Decent result.