1633 and freezing and bad Kprobe results (but I am new, so...)

I just got a 1633 and was burning my Ritek DVD-Rs. Seemed like there were no problems, but In wanted the 16x speed, so I bought some Ritek DVD+R 16x. they seemed to burn okay, but on playback on my Philips 727 (which will play darn near anything), I am noticing bad freezing. it doesn’t seem to be in a consistant spot, meaning that if I stop the DVD and the play it again, it will freeze at some other point in the DVD. I also noticed that the DVD ill freeze in my computers DVD ROM (also Liteon), but it will ot freeze in the Liteon 1633.

I researched what I could and didn;t really find anyone else having problems with freezing and the Ritek is the recommended media for the Liteon 1633, so I downloaded the KPROBE adn did a few scans. Here are the results from a scan I just did:

Date : 1/20/2005 8:00:20 AM
Model : 1-0-0-0 LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-1633S BS0S
Disc : DVD+R , RITEKR04 [RiTEK Corporation]
Speed : Max
ECC blocks sum (PI/PIF) : 8/1
Scanned range : 0 - 2121528
Sampling count : 115552
Errors : 2
PI Max : 1642
PI Average : 804.50
PI Total : 12593384
PIF Max : 180
PIF Average : 209.50
PIF Total : 327968

this is bad, right? It seems like the “buldge” in the Kprobe graph is always at the last 3rd of the DVD, if that helps any.

I just ordered a BENQ 1620, so hopefully that will fix these problems. I have been burnoing for a year with my pioneer 106 with no problems, so i am hoing that the burner is the problem.

FYI P4 2.3 processor with XP
1.5 GB RAM

If all else fails and I get my new bruner and that is the problem, anyone think it would be possible to RIP the bad DVDs and then re-burn them with the new BenQ?

Looks like a media problem to me. My first DVD, Ritek R03 8x, burned in my 1633, gave a similar result. My standalone refused it as Bad Disk. Burning the same disks with 4 speed gave good results, with PI’s max of 35 and PIF’s max 3. The only 8 speed I burned was a Taiyo Yuden, with excellent result.


I saved indeed one dvd freezing in my stanalone, but playing in my writer, by ripping it again and burning on a Verbatim. So give it a try!

@ ricobico
welcome:). Try the scan again but at 4x scan speed, the forum standard for comparison. Then followAttaching disc quality scans to your post . However, the benq may solve your problems nicely. Ripping a poorly burnt dvd will only result in a poor quality backup.