1633@1653 - CS0C CD burning



I recently bought a 1633 and flashed it to a 1653. Has anyone tried to burn CD-R’s with this drive? I just scanned some CD-R’s that I burned assuming that the quality would be as good as any LiteOn in the past, but to my suprise, I get a huge error spike. Is there another firmware or has anyone at least seen this happen to their burns?

Here is a scan of the burn…


@ jbbank
Can you access the data on the disc in that area without error? It may have been just a one-time reading glitch(dust…etc.) since it is a single spike. you could try to scan again in just that general area to see if it happens again.


If you have burned some discs before CF, did you blank your eeprom afterward?

I recommend you to look through the disc under light to see if you got a defect disc.

Do you have the save result of the next burn? As 0.31 PIE and 0.17 PIF is not bad!


The disks seems to be pretty readable without any significant problems, but it’s not a one-off error. I’ve burnt a few more of these CD’s since, and a spike still shows up somewhere. At times, it even shows a block of C2 errors. That’s what worries me. The error rate isn’t bad, but leaves something to be desired.

Maybe the 1653 has issues reading cd-r disks?

Abalone, what do you mean by blank the eeprom?

Thanks again everyone…


@ jbbank
abalone means resetting the eeprom learnt media memory with the eeprom utility .


you need to use a CD-RW for making C1 C2 scans, as far as im aware this is a standard glitch scanning with a DVD-RW, my 851s does exactly the same scanning cd’s, all you can really do is a CD Speed transfer rate test, or go and buy a liteon CD-RW


same here too… :confused:



Thank you for your explanation


If you got a full speed, smooth reading curve under Nero CD Speed, then the disc is good, just throw the KProbe result away.

Or you may grab an old Liteon CDRW drive from friends and test again

(I have never burn CDR on my 1213s, maybe I should try one CDR to see the result)


There is a bump at around the same place… not a big one though…