1633@1653 and DVD overburning, possible?



Can these drive do the DVD Overburning option in Nero? if so, what limit can they support?

i am trying to fit a datafile which is 50 mb more than the normal capacity of a dvd…


Yeah i think =]
I think u can check it at nero CD-DVD, but im not sure



Besmirch is right, it can be enabled in Nero. Start Nero Burning Rom. Cancel all wizards. Click “File”, “Preferences”, “Expert Features”, “Enable DVD Overburning”. Set “Maximum DVD size” to what you need.

Note that although this function can been enabled & changed, it by NO MEANS GUARANTEES success.


i’ve burned 4501MB on a mcc 02rg20 (verbatim 8x -r). i will test to burn more than this on a disc when i buy new discs.


Quality of Media is biggest factor when overburning DVD. Hence why your MCC 02RG20s can be overburnt!