163/165 Dvd

I’m curently searching for a DVD drive. I’ve seen that Lite-On has 3 different 16x models : LTD-163, LTD-163D, LTD-165H. But I don’t really understand the differences between those models.

What is changed between the 163 and the 163D ? What is the DVD Multi format (supported by 165, but not 163) ? Can the 163 be upgraded to 165 ? (like for the burners …)
Where can I find a multizone firmware ?

Thaks in advance for the replies …

Apparently, the 163 and 163D do not have any significant differences.

The DVD-Multi format can read other DVD formats (like DVD RAM).

The 163 cannot be upgraded to the 165 (as per the info posted by more knowledgeable people in another thread :slight_smile: )

Thanks. Will wait untill the 165 is available in France :wink: