162I Benq external and sonic? nero?

i have been very satisfied with my benQ external drive using the 1 Click dvd copy and dvd for free and my exe. Book management set to dvd-rom.

burned dvd’s play on anything. have tried on 4 different players from verrrry old (beginning years, no name brands and last and this years models).

Use my cd cd/rw on the toshiba as my source and i burn to the external benQ.

I can’t understand it, but when i installed the Benq software that came with the Burner which uncluded sonic record now, intervideo Win cinema, Benq Q video, and Book Management the program that I really like my intervideo quit and i had to uninstall and reinstall my intervideo from my restore disc that came with the notebook. It was the sound that disappeared. And I couldn’t get the Benq to recognize a disc in the burner.

So the store exchanged it and I got Nero OEM from BenQ and then waited to install Nero , checked out the burner and it was reading and playing well with my 1 click dvd copy and dvd43free and intervideo win dvd that came with my notebook and burned my cd’s from the notebook as source to the burner as destination and played back throught windows media player.
everything was fine.
then i installed Nero and the icon was on my desktop as well as task bar as quick launch and then my intervideo would not playback and the desktop icon would not open.
the program just wouldnot start from the “git go”, so I agonizingly uninstalled it trying to rid of Incd and “Ahead” which I was eventually able to accomplish with these stubborn “Ahead” Incd.exe and the Common files, did a search and they were finally gone and did a Reg Supreme clean up and I am back to the original state without Nero which I understand to be a good program.
the OEM Nero, that BenQ just sent me (as they thought that my original problem may have been the BenQ software that included Sonic.)…has the Nero Suite in it Nero vision, Nero showtime, Nero Express 6 (
My firmware was already uptodate per the burn tool exe. detection tool that they linked to me 47N9, but the Nero just worked once when I clicked on the Desktop icon , it opened up and then only the quick launch would occasionally work.

i don’t undersatand what that is all about, has anyone had this experience as it seems to me that Nero is a good program.
One comment that their support said is that sometimes notebooks are picky about software.
My notebook is a toshiba satellite 2410, intel pentium 4, 40 gigs, 24 free, 512 RAM and 1.9 ghz.

The Book management program exe. that BenQ sent me is the only item on my desktop that i use with 1 Click dvd copy and dvd43 free and the burner works great and i use the intervideo win dvd with my notebook.

i had to unistall both of the softwares that BenQ sent, the original and then the recent Nero that they sent me. Then I did a Reg Supreme clean up and had my techie relative check to make sure there were no leftovers.

And before anyone says, don’t have 2 programs on your computer like Nero and Sonic,
I never did.

i am simply cusious why Nero would not function and is touted as such a good program, I don’t think that the fact that it is an OEM relates to this does it???

It took me so long to get rid of the “Ahead” problems that i described earlier that i am reluctant to try to install it again.

I would appreciate comments.

I’ve got he same problem , on my Win Xp SP2 Nero wont work with Benq 162I , never user other dvd cd record program except Nero Burning Rom 6.x .
Nero it worked with Lacie cd burner but wont work with Benq .
Neither InfoTool will work , all Nero programs will hang/freeze .
Everything its up to date Xp , firmware & driver . I suspect incompatibility between wnaspi and Xp or Benq .