1625 retail or oem...whats the difference? i searched btw

I searched for answer before posting and I really need to know cause I am ordering tonight. Been looking to buy a NEC 3520 but it seems the BenQ is much better. I wanted the 1620 but my wife liked the 1640’s lightscribe and so did I. What do you think…good buy? Any reason to pay much more for the retail version?

I’d highly recommend the BenQ1620 over any of the LS-equipped BenQs. Why?

Lightscribe, in my opinion, is nothing but a flash in the pan type of gimmick designed to sell a few drives before bigger and better technology arrives.

  1. Both the CDs and DVDs are significantly more expensive.
  2. It takes very long to etch a disc
  3. Some supposedly LS-capable drives are not even compatible w/ some LS media (this is a very new issue; somebody correct me if I have it wrong.)
  4. It might well be more cost effective to buy a cheap CD/DVD Printer (Epson r200) and printable discs, so you can print in full colour and not monochrome.

But this is just my two cents.



Well it all comes down to personal preference, I for one couldn’t be bothered with getting a label printer and the limitations of Lightscribe do not bother me all the much, as a standalone drive the 1625 is pretty good it doesnt have the over speeding options of the 1620 but thats not the end of the world plus it has the bitsetting for DVD+ media and if you like the idea of Lightscribe and have read the various reviews the 1625 IMO is about the best LS enabled writer out their at the moment.

I’m not aware of any plans for a 1640 LS writer but maybe someone else is, if you’re prepared to wait I think LG & NEC are both planning LS writers based on the latest writers but I’ve no idea when they will be out and it’s probably not anytime soon.

  1. Double Layer are more expensive still but are coming down in price as will Lightscribe media once more of it is adopted and its production costs are reduced .Just like lowspeed media like 4x is getting really cheap .

  2. A firmware upgrade for 2x Lightscribe is due out in July according to HP

  3. This is a problem with Nero not upgrading thier Lightscribe Host software .Surething has provided a upgrade that fixes the LS DVD disk compatibility problem back in Febuary when LS DVD media was’nt even availible in the Retail Channels .

  4. HP has promised and is supposedly developing colour Media and all that is needed is a firmware/software upgrade when the colour disks become availible .It is not known if the media will be coloured or if full colour printing will be an option .I think the media will be couloured .

To the original poster lookaround for the BenQ and HP 640i they are the same drive and can be found for less than $100 .I have a HP 640i and it crossflashes with every availible Lightscribe firmware out there .Wallmart has the HP drive for $99 and Newegg had it for $99 with free shipping .

1640 does not have Lightscribe. Just the 1625.

I decided to get the 1625 but I still dont have answer about the differences between OEM and Retail…anyone please

Main difference between OEM and Retail is the OEM drives have a “generic” face plate and no retail packaging with manuals or software discs.
Same drive “under the hood”.