1625 / lightscribe / verbatim



I’m having real problems with my BenQ 1625. I’m using verbatim discs, and the drive will only recognize the Lightscribe surface perhaps one in twenty tries. I’ve flashed to BBGA, and updated Nero. Has anyone else had the same problem? The error I get is the data in the centre of the disc cannot be read.

Also, does anyone know where I can get the latest HP lightscribe engine. I can’t find it anywhere on their site.




It is on their site.


Did you update the LS software, the surething program?? My drive recognizes both the cds and dvds for verbatim ls.


No just the LS engine.


Can you show us what version of LS Host you are using?

I read about probs with Verbatim LS discs, solution was to update to the newest LS Host which was not on HP, but on the surething web page. The HP one was outdated!