1625 BBFA Firmware out!

:bigsmile: :bigsmile: here

Release Reason:

  1. Improve the writing quality for Philips (C08) 8x DVD+R media.
  2. Support the Disc Quality Test of CD-DVD Speed.
  3. Modify the algorithm of WOPC
  4. Improve the stability in mounting the LightScribe DVD media.

elee, it looks like -R´s are forgotten once again… :stuck_out_tongue:
(Yes, I know specifications…)

Loaded my 1620@1625 with latest firmware and still MCC 03RG20 media can only be burned at 8x speed max.
Strange enough, ala42´s MCSE tool say this is a 16x media :confused:


will get back to you…:smiley:

I’ve got the same problem. See http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=979142&postcount=335

Can’t understand why YUDEN000-T02 been “downgraded”… :confused:

16x rated MCC004 is still at 16x max though. :slight_smile:

Note. Using CD/DVD Speed 3.80.

That’s why I flashed back to the BBEA firmware!!! A lot of media have been downgraded in speed in this new firmware.

UPDATE: I have now the BBEA installed but still YUDEN000 T02 media is 2.4X-8X. I seems that it remebers the write strategy from the newer firmware?! See picture.

How can I ‘reset’ my drive? I already reflashed with the BBEA firmware but no luck.

Reset…? Hmm, looks like there is more to learn about BenQ drives… :cool:

Okay, I have a 1620@1625 fw BBFA and when I flash back to BBEA, I still get 16x max for Yuden T02 media… :slight_smile:
Note, reflashed with TDB .cvt firmware.

(Sorry about pics naming in my post above, first two pics are ofcourse about YUDEN000-T02 and not RICOH-R02 as named… :o )

Edit. Split up this post in two.

Brand: Verbatim AZO+ (MIT )
Type: DVD+R 16x rated
Burned with: Nero CD/DVD Speed
Burned at: 16x
Burntime: 5:21 (w/qscan)
Booktype: DVD-ROM
Firmware: 1620@1625 BBFA, WOPC disabled

Can’t find any 1625 .cvt files on the TDB site. Only .exe files. Could you mail this .cvt file to me. Thanks!

Use search next time… /joke. :bigsmile:

BBEA (original) .CVT posted HERE.

pinto2, thanks for the link.

I reflashed back with the BBEA .cvt file but still I have 2.4X-8X on the YUDEN000 T02 media. Strange because it should not be happening.

In the beginning I have tried to modify the BBFA fimware with he ‘MediaCodeSpeedEdit’ from ala42 but that didn’t work the way I wanted with the YUDEN000 T02 media and after that the drive is stuck on 2.4X-8X speed for this media. So I think that the MediaCodeSpeedEdit tool did something wrong with the firmware that I flashed after that.

anyone wanna try BBGA? Click.

I just updated to this BBGA firmware but it didn’t solve my problem with the YUDEN000T02 writing speed.

This is insane. Three (3) firmware releases for 1625 drive in just more then one month. :confused:

Some of you may think this is a good “service”, but in my eyes this is a very bad sign for a company like BenQ.
It seems they just can’t get things right.

4/7/2005 [B]BBEA [/B]-Release Reasons:

1. Improve the writing & reading ability for DVD-R media.
2. Improve the writing performance for DVD+R DL media.
3. Update the writing strategy for MBI 16x DVD-R & BenQ (Daxon) 8x DVD+R media.

5/4/2005 [B]BBFA[/B] -Release Reason:

1. Improve the writing quality for Philips (C08) 8x DVD+R media.
2. Support the Disc Quality Test of CD-DVD Speed.
3. Modify the algorithm of WOPC
4. Improve the stability in mounting the LightScribe DVD media.

5/9/2005 [B]BBGA[/B] -Release Reason:

1. Fix the compatibility issue with Sonic DLA.
2. Enable the WOPC for CD-R media.

It looks like BenQ R/D department moved to our forum. :rolleyes:

BTW elee, RICOHJPN-R02 and YUDEN000-T02 are still 8x speed max. :frowning:

MCSE works fine :). The 1625 firmwares simply do not support 12x +R writing. Details are here.

Just received 50 HP DVD+R 8x Lightscribe media. Will have a try with them tomorrow I think.

pinto …BBEA i dun think i can get 16x on YUDEN000T02 …

scorpiosoft…those must have cost you a bomb… :D…
LS DVD+R verbatim are retailing at about $1.50 USD here in singapore…

They sell the HP LS DVD+R at SVP in 5 packs for €6.57 which aint bad though the LS surface I find is a bit darker and more blurry than the HP LS CD-R.

Quality is fine though burnt with BBGA

The Lightscribe DVD+R disks cost a bomb in the US also @ $1.50 a disk .

I think people are releuctant to bother with Lightscribe because the media is hard to get and the high price .

A 30 pack of LS-CDR media can be found for $19.95 which is reasonable .

I own a Lightscribe drive and havnt bothered to buy LS DVD Media yet becuse of the price of the disks .Lightscribe media needs to have prices comparable to that of printable media (the cost of media and Ink) for Lightscribe to be a sucess ,till then its just a new toy.

Bingo. I bought them at SVP in the UK. They shipped them within 1 week to The Netherlands. Great services for a good price.