1625 at the egg

$94 AMIR and ship.

Looks like the price is gonna drop like a rock.

Out of stock.

still available at supermediastore


it’s back instock at newegg.com :slight_smile:

Didn’t realize that these LightScribe drives require a “LightScribe” disc… May take a while to see a suitable selection of these availabe…

i wan lightscribe DVD media asap!!!

If SG still no lightscribe DVD I wonder when US will get it…

hey zevia, we are not always the 1st guys to get the latest toys…

Lightscribe DVD+R coming soon to your local Compusa.


$18 for a 10 pack is hardly a bargain. But, this is just an example of an early adopter price.

Verbatim has announced 8X DVD+R LightScribe media, but I haven’t found any online store or US retailer selling them yet.


poor guy :bigsmile:
So, can this drive print true color image?

I am not sure if this is the same drive but I got a lightscribe DVD writer at walmart almost a month ago! the big problem is they want 30 dollars for 3 to 5 dvds! OUCH! now that is just alittle too steep. 30.00 for 15 would make alittle more since