1620s & PS2 backups - what's the verdict?

I’ve seen a couple references in the archive to people having problems burning PS2 -R backups with their 1620s. Is this on selected drives, or is it a common problem?

(I know, +R book typed to DVD-ROM should work in most PS2s but I’m just curious)



I thought that was the best option is + to DVD-ROM.

Never has a problem with PS2 backups and the 1620 for - or + media as long as the discs were of reasonable quality e.g a bad burn ain’t gonna play in anything regardless.

Media support for the PS2 depends on what version you have:
v1-3 DVD-R/RW
v5-11 DVD-R/RW & DVD+R/RW
v12 DVD-R & DVD+R (The slim PS2)
(It’s not recommended to use RW media with a v12 as it can put strain on the laser causing failure from what I’ve heard)

I didn’t burn too many -R for PS2 backups, but the ones I did worked without any problems in different PS2 versions. The PS2 is known to be picky, though, so if those people burned crappy media too fast, I wouldn’t be surprised if their PS2 didn’t like it.
Cheers, FW