1620pro (B7V9, B7T9) disappointing results



Hi folks!

I’m new to the world of DVD recording and this is my first article here.
Sorry if I don’t tell you anything new, but I’m so frustrated that I wanted
to share my experiences with someone. :slight_smile:

With CD-R, it’s so easy. Most combinations of drive and media
work just fine. If you don’t buy any cheap no-name media, you’ve
very high chances to get good results.

But with DVD, you must become an expert to burn data. :sad:

I started with firmware B7V9 and two spindles of DVD-R media.
(Verbatim DVD-R 8x = MCC 02RG20; Sony DVD-R 8x = SONY08D1)
I never overburn and limit to 8x speed (I prefer quality over speed).
But at least 1 disc out of 10 wasn’t readable even within the 1620,
and not any disc was completely readable in other DVD drives (tested
with Samsung and Sony). Funny thing is: If I burn 8x media with 4x,
the results get even worse.

Okay, people said, BenQ handles DVD+R better than DVD-R.
Got much better results with TDK DVD+R 8x (TDK 002). Ah, feels good!
Sony DVD+R 8x (SONY D11) is okay as well, but not as good as
the TDK (other drives have to slow down sometimes to read the disc).
Finally, Verbatim DVD+R 16x (MCC 004) is really weird. The 1620
won’t burn faster than 4x. Afterwards, some discs can be read fine
without problems, and others won’t be even recognized when inserted
into the drive.

Well, according to articles here, I wanted to give the older firmware B7T9
a try. And now DVD-R works a lot better, but DVD+R got worse (especially
my lovely TDK +R, no noticable change with Sony +R and Verbatim +R).

As said in the beginning - that’s obviously nothing new to you. I spent a
lot of time reading these forums. :wink: Results depend a lot on firmware version
and media. I knew that before, but I had no idea that it is still all that bad.
Roughly, I lost about 40 EUR for all the broken discs. And I’m still not
happy with the results. B7T9 is good with DVD-R and average with DVD+R,
but B7V9 is better with some DVD+R (TDK) and very bad with DVD-R.

I’m sure that there are always certain combinations that work fine but
it’s really hard to get a specific media type in the shops here. Sony, TDK
and Verbatim are very popular. Some shops have FujiFilm and Ricoh.
But most other media are pretty much no-name to me. What brand do I
have to buy in Germany to get the famous Taiyo Yuden (sp?) discs?

For 59 EUR, I can get a brandnew BenQ 1640. But will it get any better?
sigh Yes, I know the answer already - it depends on the proper combination
of firmware and media, right?

Maybe I should stick with CD-R and try DVD again not before the year 2006. :slight_smile:

Best regards,


try flashing your drive to the B7L9 firmware then to the B7V9. some have reported the drives burn better if flashed in that sequence. the last 4 days i’ve been flashing 2 brand new 1620’s back n forth with different firmwares to see which would be ideal. the result one is better with firmware B7P9 and the other B7T9. One drive is a OEM from Newegg.com made in china and the other is a retail from Computergeeks.com made in malaysia. go figure :wink: :slight_smile:

find what will work for you with the brands of dvd media you have. on my 1620’s i have firmware B7V9 but I burn mostly DVD+R although DVD-R works as well with that firmware. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


@DVD ADDICT. Sounds like we have the same combination of 1620’s, Mine are both OEM one Made in Malaysia (Oct 2004 and one Made in China (Dec 2004) and B7V9 works for me as well. Do you have yours on the same IDE channel? My set up is one Primary master the other secondary slave and both burn very well.:slight_smile:


Mine (1620 Pro Benq-retail) prefers B7U9 for YUDEN000 T02 (8x,12x) and MBIPG101 R04 (8x - works awesome @ MBIPG101 R05 write strategy). Tried P, T, U, & V’s. Still testing on other media and playing around with write strategies ( gotta luv all these tweaking tools for this drive!!! ).