1620 wrong booktype?

If I change the default booktype with the BenQ utility of a DVD+R to DVD-ROM my other drives recognize the burned DVD+R as booktype DVD-ROM and media type DVD+RW. Firmware B7L9. If I leave the default settings on DVD+R & DVD+RW and change the booktype within Nero it’s fine.

I not sure I understand your question. The default setting in the firmware is to make it DVD-ROM which is the highest compatibility. In Nero there’s an options button on the same screen the “burn” button is. In there you can have it at DVD-ROM or unmodified, I would assume DVD-ROM is what you would want.

If I set the default booktype of DVD+R to DVD-ROM (BenQ Booktype Utility) and burn a DVD+R, the booktype is DVD-ROM, but the media type identifier is read as DVD+RW (checked with DVDInfo and different drives) and the disc cannot be read within Windows (don’t ask my why Windows bothers with the media type identifier).

If I set the default booktype of DVD+R to DVD+R, the booktype is DVD+R and the media type id, too. The disc is readable on all drives.

If I use Nero to change the booktype, the booktype is DVD-ROM and the media type id DVD+R. Also readable.

I think the Benq Booktype Utility and B7L9 aren’t the perfect combination.

All I know is the default booktype is DVD-ROM with both +r and +rw and consequently I leave it alone (no need to use the bookmgmt tool) and have burned with CloneDVD2 and Nero and it has it at r+ and booktype DVD-ROM and is readable in windows XP. I’ve not tried actually using the booktype mgmt tool or rw+.

Ingore Nero booktype which only exist in old version. They have removed that since it get conflict with all booktype or bitsetting program.

Try to upgrade your Nero, and it’s just fine to use ‘Booktype tool’ from BenQ