1620 with G7T9 - DVD Speed at max 2x?




After flashing to G7T9 my Nero CD/DVD Speed - Quality test starts at 0.5 x and goes to a max of 2 or 3 x. Look at the Scan Images. Just unbearable.

Using the regular Speed Test tool it starts normal at 3x going up to 8x.

I got to admit that at the same time i update to nero due to an error with DVD Images created with

Has anybody else experienced problems like this?


You’re using the old version of CD Speed. Get the newer version…google it…or search the forums for the link.


Disc quality scanning isnt supported with the bulk/oem G7T9 firmware, flash the retail B7T9 and it will work.


It well worked with G7N9 - Besides, i read that the G And B Firmwares are completely identical and only vary in the damn letter. However I can’t crossflash without voiding my 2 year warranty.

I’ll try updating cd/dvd speed. Let you know if it worked


The G and B firmwares are the same only up to P9, part of the disc quality scanning code in the firmware was pulled from the G7T9 release, you will need to use G7P9 to use disc quality scanning if you do not want to crossflash to use any more recent firmwares & have disc scanning capabilities.


that sucks. that is definitely the last bulk for me. I didn’t know anything about that. I thought the only difference was the packaging. grrr. for only EUR 5 difference.

Well I will go back to G7P9 then. Can I simply run the program? Or is backflashing more complicated?

Once I get to 150 DVDs I will think of cross flashing if there will really be any new feature worth it.


No just run the program G7P9.exe, but really is the 2yr warrenty that big of a deal ??

I’d do the crossflash & you could always just flash back the bulk firmware for whatever reason later on :wink: .


the drive is only 2 month old. I don’t like the idea of a broken drive and having to buy a new one (I’m a poor student :wink: ) just because i cross flashed for some not that important reason.

G7P9 should be quite good anyway. And as soon as the drive has been used a lot (so that i don’t mind if i have to buy a new one) I will cross flash.

Thanx again for the fast info


I’d do the crossflash & you could always just flash back the bulk firmware for whatever reason later on .

one more thing: will this be visible? if the device for some reason fails to burn proper discs, can i simply flash back and still have my warranty??



Warranty:Yes, as long as you can flash to the drive no one will be the wiser.


Officially, your warranty is invalidated if you install a custom firmware - but they probably won’t even bother to check.

DVD burners are so inexpensive now, that it doesn’t make sense to pay someone to check something like this. About the only thing they might do is to check the firmware version number - but I suspect they probably won’t even bother to do this.


If they can make a 6 Million $ lawsuit, of course they’ll be able to fine it. :slight_smile:
But in most cases, flashing back to the original firmware completes the “perfect crime”. But moral issue still remains, as others said.

IMO, they won’t even check the firmware. They will just receive one and send the customer another one. I even heard of someone who found that his replacement drive was equipped with a hacked firmware. :slight_smile:


That would be cute - picture a class action lawsuit, BenQ against all of its users. :bigsmile:

Then again, the RIAA seems to have done just that… :cop: :a :eek: :rolleyes: :sad:


… as long as the second letter is not T. The T firmwares are different.