1620 with G7P9, any need to upgrade

I was wonderding if I should upgrade my firmware. I have the OEM 1620 and I use fuji 8x (japan) burned at 12x with a 95+ score results. Is there anything in the V9 update that would make it work better.
Also, Is there any advantage to cross flashing to the PRO version.

Thanks for the help.

The latest OEM firmware is G7V9
The lates retail firmware is B7V9

I crossflashed mine without trying the OEM FW sI cannot tell you which one is better. From what I read they are identical. Your drive will not be seen as a Benq, that’s all.

There’s no need for you to upgrade if you’re using quality media.
Just make sure you keep using G7P9.

If it aint broke, don’t fix it.

Thanks for the info. I have 100 fuji’s left and I am going to buy some more. BJ’s Wholesale Club has them this week for $19.99 /50 spool made in Japan. I have burned over 100 with no coasters