1620 will burn sideways only

Is this a laser calibration problem, or a failing laser, or a bad motor?

Burning normally when drive is flat gives verify errors, turn burner sideways it burns/verifies perfectly

Very weird, that’s one of the strangest things I’ve heard in awhile. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not someone that puts much value into the verify function, how do the discs test in Transfer Rate Tests, quality scans, and scandisc tests?

The nero verify after burn option fails

Um, with all due respect, screw the verify function (for the moment) :wink:

Again, how do the discs perform in a Transfer Rate Test, a quality scan, and scandisc tests? If those tests go ok, and the verify function is valid, that would leave some issue with the data itself and not the actual burns, which could be a Hard Drive, maybe an IDE cable or driver issue? First thing’s first though, run a transfer rate test. If the drive can complete the test then the data is readable, regardless of whether or not it actually matches the data on your hard drive.