1620 vs Pro?

Is there any difference between the older 1620 Drive and the newer Pro drive?

Only thing I could notice was the pro burns DL at 4x instead of 2.4x

Also would anyone who has tried these other drives maybe have some input as to which would be best? I’m leaning towards the BenQ right now but they all seem pretty good so it’s hard to chose.

NEC 3520A
LG GSA 4163B

I’m really only concerned for the highest quality burns on -R media and +R as well if I start bitsetting or buy a newer standalone player. My 832S Lite-On is messing up and not happy with the performance really.

The drives are the same…
From firmware B7P9 it has supported +R DL Verbatim media only. It was also called PRO. If you purchased a retail version included software is different between the Pro and Non-Pro.

It really depends on the media you are using. I have all three drives (3500 rather than the 3520) and the LG beats the pants off the BenQ for -R media. From the scans I have seen, the BenQ is fantastic for +R. The LG also does better on +RW. While the NEC does better on both, my understanding is that the 3520 is not quite up there. See my sig. for the best with each drive.

With the 3540 and the 1640 due shortly, I would wait for either of these. I don’t know that the next LG offers anything more than Lightscribe, but it might also be worth waiting for. In any case, you need to figure out which media you will use before you buy hardware. This will depend on where you buy. In the US you can choose either, in other countries this may not be the case.

Thanks for the replies and Chas your post was very helpfull. I think the media below is what I have access to for good prices and will be what I primarily use for whatever drive I go with.

Fujifilm03 (BenQ media) - For cheap discs , sometimes they go on sale for very cheap and I pick them up sometimes.

Taiyo Yuden - TYG03 - I havn’t seen TYG02 available where I am but I think the G03 are still great quality discs from looking at various scans people have posted on these forums.

Ritek - G05 - Again seems earlier versions like G03 were better but I can only get G05s.

Those are probably the ones I’ll be using most. So far I’ve really only used cheaper media like the Fujifilm03 and some Maxell’s as well but I’m going to start ordering the Taiyo TYG03 now with whatever burner I get or maybe the G05’s depending on what I read works better with whatever drive I go with.

If you could give any more information on the drives based on that media it would help me a lot since you own all the ones I’m looking at.

Quick Edit -

I see that I also have acess to

YUDEN000T02 Taiyo Yuden +R discs as well.

2 out of my 3 standalone players are older though so I prefer to use -R media. If bitsetting is easy though I don’t mind getting +R discs if they will give better quality burns.

Based on your media choices I would almost get the LG, although bitsetting is very easy on the BenQ. If you stick to Ritek G05 (good luck getting quality), and TY (either G02 or T02) the BenQ will do just fine.

I have not seen many good results on the BenQ media but people have reported problems with Fuji TY so I would avoid them. I also haven’t seen any G03 yet but it should be as good as the G02.

On second thought, I would have to go for the BenQ. Even though this is my least favorite drive it should do well for your needs. If you are in the US, Newegg.com is great. If you are in EU you should be able to get the 1640. If you are in the US you really can get a lot more media than you mention. What is your country?

Thanks again for the response.

I’m in Canada so I have some options on what I get.

futureshop.ca and bestbuy.ca are the two bigger chains up here but this store in Vancouver has better selection of higher end media.


Thats the store and their media page. They also have Verbatims which I didn’t list only because I don’t see their price much lower then $1 a disc to often. Not too high of a price or anything but if TYG03’s are high quality they are $15 cheaper then the Verbatims.

MXL RG03 AKA Maxell Made in Japan 8X from Futureshop is just fine.

I use them exclusively, and even overspeed to 12X, no problem.



Never seen or experienced a problem with Fuji TY02 :iagree:

There are plenty of posts here if you want to read them.

Same here.

I shop there all the time. Got my TY02 from their flyer sale. Good stuff that is with the BenQ1620. Im happy with my drive. ALl my copies play perfect in my version 02 playstation…an oldie, but works with TY02 -R and burns from the BenQ 1620.

Will waiting be worthwile? I will probably not be burning Dual Layer for a while, as they are still quite expensive. So I just bought a bundle of YUDEN000T02.
Do the 3540 and the 1640 really perform better than their pre-decessors? Or is it just that they can burn dual layer faster? The BenQ 1640 is not yet in the stores in the Netherlands, so I don’t know if it will be a lot more expensive than the 1620.
If so, I’m still in doubt what’s best for me…
Who can help me decide?


Sjaak met de 1620 heb je echt geen miskoop. Ik gebruik ook alleen maar TY-02 en brand deze op 12x. Heb altijd kwaliteitscore van 96-98. De 1640 is reeds getest en kwam er op hetzelfde nivo uit als de 1620…zeer hoog.

I just told him that if he buys a 1620 he has a perfect burner. I think there’s no particular reason to buy a 1640 over a 1620.