1620 vs 1625 - Which Is Best?

Hi, I recently acquired both a BenQ 1620 and a BenQ 1625.

I may decide to just keep one. What is everyone’s opinion on which is best? Also when I get the drives would it help if I posted the date they were made and where?

Thanks guys.

The 1620 burn + and dash at 16X
The 1625 burns +@16X and dash @8X.
The 1625 has Lightscribe the DW1620 does not.:disagree:

What is dash?

Would using Verb +R MCC 004 burnt at 8X give me the best results?

dash is his way of saying -


why cant you just say -16x and +16x?

wouldnt that be easier?

Plus and Minus is how I say 'em if needs be.

It is not " minus", it is dash media. No such thing as minus. LOL.:doh: