1620 v NEC 2500A



My NEC 2500A can read unscrached disks without difficulty but older disks which have had a hard life it can no longer read.

The same old disks, however, can be read without any problem in my 1620.

I have just updated the firmware on the NEC from 1.07 to 1.09 which has helped but not solved the problem.

As far as I can tell either (a) the NEC is getting old or (b) the 1620 is better in the sense that it can read poorer quality disks.

As the NEC can still read undamaged disks I’m inclined to conclude that the 1620 is simply a better drive.

what do others think ?


What you can conclude is that the 1620 is a better reader of old and poor quality discs. :slight_smile:
I’m sure the 1620 is a better drive in general, as the 2500 is much older, but that cannot be concluded from reading some old dvd’s.


It’s been well documented that the NEC 2500 is a weak reader.

It’s also well documented that both the BenQ 1620 and the NEC 2500 are excellent writers, with the edge going to the 1620 because it can write at 16X versus 8X for the 3500.

From my own experience with the 1620, I’d say it’s a good (but not a great) reader. I’ve read discs with my old LiteOn 451 drive that will NOT read on my 1620.


In my experience, the 2500 is a poor writer compared to the 1620, and a a seriously CRAP reader - it couldn’t even read its own discs immediately after writing.

My 2500 died (after just 6 months) and has been replaced with a 3500. So far the 3500 writes -R discs (FUJIFILM03) much, MUCH better than the 1620. Then scans I receive are as good as the MMC003 media I write using the 1620.

I still have more testing to do, but as far as I can tell, the 1620 and 3500 are about equal, although they excel in different areas.

The 2500… hate it. :a



I stand corrected!


The NEC 3500 is a 16x burner. :confused:


YEP - I :o mistyped :bigsmile: ! I meant the NEC 2500 rather than 3500. Thank you for correcting me!

I still need to learn that I MUST reread my posts CAREFULLY before I finally send them!


I’ve never had trouble with either burner, but the BenQ is far more convenient. I’ve had to use the speed control program on some NECs to make them read discs. So, I’m looking at a new custom chromed BenQ 1620. It used to be black, but I thought it was very homely (laughed at it when I opened the box), so I chromed it. :wink: It looks straight off The Jetsons cartoon. Did I mention it’s more convenient? I just love my redecorated BenQ!