1620 Spins up/down several times at the end of a burn

my benq 1620 oem@ pro (b7t9) has the same behaviour.

it spins up/down about 2 times! to all benq 1620 owners: PLease post your drives behaviour at the end of burning :slight_smile:

correction : it spins up and down about 4! times; but the burn qaulity with different media is very good.

Can you tell me with what media and when writing at which speed it does that?

Mine only spins up one time, I think it is just increasing the RPMs when accessing the first part of the DVD again. But I only write DVD-R media at 12x atm and DVD+R with 8x, so I guess it may occur only when writing +R at 12x or higher. Did that only once before and cannot remember spin up/downs.

Maybe it was just one spin up which appeared like several because the drive had to do the WOPC when finalizing? So really it was one speed change when going to the first part of the disc where the rpm are higher and then gradually reducing/increasing rpm again for optimal writing?

While WOPC appears to do good work, it often looks quite ugly in the graphs IMO and for paranoid users (like me) may look like a failure or problem.

it spins up when writing at 12x speed, i used octron dvd+r 4x @ 4x= ok and it did not spin up like when i´m using media for 12+ writing.

I´ve used verbatim dvd+r 12x (mcc003) burnt at 12x, Platinum dvd+r 8x @12x (ricoh) and sony dvd+r 8x @8x with very good quality according to cd speed Quality score 97 and above.

My 1620 OEM @ Pro does exactly the same thing. It spins up several times during the lead out when burning T02 @ 12X or 16X. I don’t know about other media or speeds because I only have it for one day now :slight_smile:
Since the writing quality is excellent (atleast at 12X) I’m not concerned about it. I do think the lead out takes quite a bit longer than on my Lite On 812 though :-\

my 2 benq 1620’s do the same thing. using nero to burn dvd+r’s bitsetting (enabled by default). and i’ve been beating the cr@p out of 1 of my benq’s since black friday (26.nov.2004).

Mine did a similar thing. I accidently burned a disc to a +R media (Verbatim TY@4x) instead of -R. I right after that did a usual quality check (Nero speed) and i got error in the end (something about “sense info”…) i then pressed eject and the drive just started spinning up and down, while led blinking red. It took around 10-15 seconds…

This was little bit disturbing, i havent had anything like this happened with -R media, both which are Verbatim TY discs.

Also im observing a substantial increase in the PI/PO errors recently. Ive archived every burn check with nero speed with same settings, and franky it doesnt look good at the moment.

Ok this is strange…

I have two 1620s in different machines. Until the other day, both would spin up and down about 2-3 time at the end of all 8x or higher burns(not sure about 4x). This would give me about 30-40 seconds, sometimes 50sec lead-out time. This was before QSuite came along btw. Even after QSuite I still got these long lead-out times. I could never complete a full 8x burn in under 8:15sec or a 12x burn in under 6:15sec even with WOPC off.

The other day I sat down to burn a few disc. I selected 8x even though I could burn these at 12x. It was a full disc and it completed (finalized and everything) in 7:37sec. I had to look twice at the time and the size. I did another and another. They all finished in ~7:3*sec. I then noticed that my drive was no longer spinning up several times when it finalized. It was now finalizing in 10-15secs. The drive was now doing 12x in 5:50sec with WOPC off. It would never do that before.

The other 1620 using the same firmware still spins up and down to finalize. It still takes a long time to finalize like my other drive did before. They both are using the same firmware and same media.
I don’t understand it. I didn’t change anything about my system. I’ve tried everything I can think of to make my other 1620 have short lead-outs like the first one.

I wish some of the people here that talk frequently with BenQ could get some answers about this lead-out time issue.

My drive also does the spin ups and the writing before ejecting. I don’t mind with that. What I don’t like is the fact that it takes very long to write the lead out (like a minute or so) and that way it makes the burn take longer than it is supposed.

I flashed the drive that did have the sport leadouts with the same firmware it already was using. Now the dang thing is back doing long leadouts again. :frowning:

What do You mean by this? Did You flash the ‘good’ drive again with the same FW the ‘good’ drive was using?

Oh my god, my 1620 spins all along while burning!!! :eek: :frowning:
:bigsmile: :smiley:

Yes I sure did.

@ DMagic: which firmware (good drive) did you flash?

It was B7T9 but modified.

@dmagic: “modified” in which way? and how do you modify it? Is your drive (original) bulk or retail? ciao

With MCSE to overclock media.
Bulk drives, real 1620s.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Same spin up/spin down behavior with my Philips 1640K boxed drive @ Benq B7T9. I didnt experiement much with the official Philips firmwares so I cannot comment on that…

Hey, I’ve also an BenQ 1620 Pro since Saturday. I also remarked that my drive spins 5 times up and down at the lead out. I burn with DVDdecryptor @ 8x.
I also remarked that my device buffer while it’s burning going up and down between 85% and 95% with al my burns @ 8x (I’ve not tryed yet @ 4x and I’ve no 16x media yet so I don’t know if it’s also at those speeds). Is this a normal reaction from thise BenQ drives? To write a full DVD disc @ 8x it takes for me 8:34min is this normal?

If someone please can tell us if those reactions are normal? :slight_smile: