1620 Spins up/down several times at the end of a burn

I just got an IO magic re-badged Benq 1620 and I am very impressed. The only thing that seems odd is the drive spins up/down several times at the end of the burn. I can only guess it has something to do with writing the lead out. All of the disc’s play back flawlessly so I don’t think it’s a problem, it’s just different than what I’m used to with my other DVD-RW drives.

Do all of the Benq drives do this?

My 1620 does so as well … nothing to worry about if you ask me

It’s very normal. :slight_smile:

Might be normal, but… my 2 1620´s died shortly after they´ve started to spin up and down at the lead-out.
They didn´t have this behaviour at first, then after 2 or 3 weeks the spin-up/down started and shortly after that, they burned a dvd recordable, but no drive was able to read it.
No I´m waiting for my 3rd Benq, but I really don´t know if I will ever use it, I´m thinking of selling it right away.


Hm do you know when you are legally allowed to retreat from the purchase? I am in Germany too and IIRC after a certain time or number of attempts of the dealer to deliver a working replacement he has to give you the money back.

I bought via mail order at Mills Electronik and waiting for replacement now.

AFAIK, the store may repair/exchange 2 times, after that you´re allowed to cancel the purchase.
In this special case, the first Benq died after ~5 Weeks, the second one after one week.
So I don´t have many faith in this product anymore, I think I will sell it right after I get it.


Well my faith is somewhat shaken as well. But as the only alternative IMO is the Plextor - and it is not so that no one has trouble with that drive - I think I will go on trying with BenQ … in the end, some day I will get a good one I assume :slight_smile:

Mine does the same.


Strange that the BenQ must rev up/down several times during disc finalization. Is this unique to ALL 1620s, or just a select few? My NEC 3500 slows down at the end of the burn, then revs up one time for the disc finalization.

Not sure … but before ejecting the disc, my DW1620 was blinking red again for a couple of seconds before it would open the tray, like there still was sth in the buffer to be written or so.

When the replacement unit arrives, I´ll check that. My LG needs a little time after writing before eject, but not as long as the BenQ.

I think it’s normal for the drive to blink just before ejecting the DVD. But it shouldn’t rev up/down several times during disc finalization, at least with my Plextor 712, NEC 3500, and Mitsumi 4804TE burners.

The finalization time also depends on the burn software. I’d say between 7 and 21 seconds with the NEC 3500. CloneDVD2 takes a little longer. Nero DVD Movie/Recode mode is faster when closing the DVD.

Hope you get a great BenQ!

Thanks to all for your feedback, it’s appears to be normal.

I wonder if this is media Dependant, I have only used Memorex CMC MAG 4x media so far (Because this great drive burns them at 8x :slight_smile: ). I will try a TY02 tonight as a check…

I have no such issues burning with Decrypter/Copy2dvd or Nero.I just love the Quality burns this drive produces. Any news on when the new Model is expected in the UK?

Yeah I dont know. Have to see. I only tried Nero so far and the BenQ was definitely writing something on the disc though burning process was already done, according to Nero.

I am not sure it was several times the drive spinned up, maybe just once. Cannot tell exactly what my LG does as I am trying to use up my DVD-R cakebox right now, burning them at 4x only because my laptop does not like them if burned at 8x or 12x, and the laptop is the main machine I need those DVDs for…

Tomorrow the new DW1620 should arrive. Will post more info then.

My BenQ 1620 only spins up/down at the lead-out when burning at 8x or higher speeds. When burning at 4x or lower it does not have that behavior.

You guys must not have a lot else to do, sit there and watch/listen to your drive while it is recording! :slight_smile:

Buy yourself a dual cpu box, and you can be doing (almost) anything else on your computer while it burns DVDs (as long as it doesn’t affect the IDE channel the burner is on).

Hmmm…I like to use the term HOBBY.

I think it is bitsetting the media. my does that before ejecting, only on +R setting to -ROM. Doesn’t do that on -Rs.

The NEC 3500 also sets the booktype of DVD+R media to DVD-ROM. Still only on rev up after the end of the burn.

Well whatever. Maybe the drive rereads the lead-in after having written the disc - a different way other drives do.

If it is not an early sign of drive failure and does not take 20++ seconds, who cares :cool: