1620 "special" IDE cable?

Thinking about a 1620. Either that, or a NEC 3500.

Multiple posts here and elsewhere seem to suggest that max speeds are only possible on an 80 conductor IDE cable. Is this correct?

Further, it would also appear that posts seem to suggest that the 1620 specifically will only reach max speed on a cable supplied by Benq, and not just any run-of-the-mill 80 cond. cable. If true - it would force me to buy a retail version, rather than an OEM w/software from newegg which many here have recommended. So, does the 1620 only perform at max with a cable supplied specifically from Benq?

Finally - my Dell Dimension 8200 specs are P4, 2.4 Ghz, 80 Gb HD, DVD ROM, CDRW (to be replaced by DVDR) 512 Mb RAM is approx 2 yrs old. If I need an 80 conductor IDE cable, is it a simple swap with the existing cable?


I’m not using the 80 cable that came with my drive, and I have no problems at all. I believe you will be fine with a standard 80 cable. When you replace your CD Rom drive with the BenQ, just make sure your Dell has an 80 cable already(it should). If not you will have to buy one. Try it out for awhile and If you want the original cable from BenQ just PM me and I will give it to you. Just hook me up with shipping costs.

Good Luck

Agreed. “Special cable”. Hogwash.

I noticed my 1620 came with the jumper set to “cable select” examinig the “special cable” supplied with the drive I notice it is the exact same cable that comes with dell’s and dell uses the “cable select” setup. even Plextors manual states that if the user uses cable select they need to get a cable made for that purpose since the one supplied by plextor wont work properly in that configuration.

that said I have used “regular” cables on dell machines with no problems so who knows.

I bought a OEM 1620 and it came with a 40 pin cable…needless to say, I am not using it :slight_smile:

Thanks all - have yet to open the box on my Dell to see the current cable or drive jumper settings. Also thanks to RJB0388 for the offer of the cable should the need arise.

So, this drive is OK with CS? Seems like another nightmare people have had problems with.

Regardless, I pulled the trigger last night and ordered the drive from newegg.

If this thing is a lemon, I’m gonna personally hunt you guys down and ring your necks!! :smiley:

Dell’s computers are set up with the cable select configuration. if you decide to set your BenQ to master then you are going to have to switch whatever other device you have that is on the same cable to slave. since the dell is allready setup for calbe select I would go ahead and try it in that configuration.

1620 has been working great … just not that fast. The only burning applications I have are Sonic, which came with the drive, and DVD Decryptor. The only media I have tried is FujiFilm Ty02.

Sonic does not show any statistics, nor keep any kind of log as I far as I can tell, so I have no idea how fast it is burning, even though I have it set to max.

DVD Decryptor shows an average between 7-9X in the logs I have reviewed with max speeds around 12 when it is set to max. This media should burn up to 16x from what I have read.

So, is any of this an indication that I do not have an 80 conductor cable? How can I tell the difference?

The drive, like everything else in my machine, is set to CS, xfer mode is Ultra DMA Mode 2. Win XP, SP1. Drive was flashed to latest G firmware.

You can count the conductors. 40’s are 20 conductors per inch, 80’s are 40 conductors per inch. On computers built in the last 5 years or so, the hard disc cable will be 80 conductor. You can compare the texture of the optical drive cable to the hard disc cable - should be the same…

Here is everything you should need to be able to determine which cable you have.

markvonstriver & krkdnose - thanks for the info. I definitely have 80 conductor cables on both the HDD (one) and ODDs(2) according to the information you both provided. Guess that ends the 80 conductor cable theory, unless the cable provided in the retail Benq packaging is somehow unique - which has only been claimed in one message that I have ever read, but had credibility because it was claimed to be a quote by someone at Benq. Everyone else seems to suggest that any 80 conductor cable should work just fine.

Have to keep reading for other suggestions as to why I am only seeing avg write times of 7-9x for media that should be burning at 16x. I might not want to burn at that speed, but would like to know I can.

There’s a firmware update for that drive just around the corner. Preliminary reviews look pretty good for 16x burns on select media. It looks like the 1620 will be supported well, at least for a while… It seems to me BenQ is trying their best to set their reputation high. I’m not sure you have a problem. 16x burns don’t start out at 16x, they gradually get there. So I don’t know maybe average 9x is right??

I understood that the pending F/W update was primarily for DL burning at 4x. I also thought that the most recent F/W, which I have, is capable of 16X on select media, including TY 02, which is what I am using. In fact, the burning apps that I have say that up to 16X is possible when it reads the media. Max speed I have seen on this media is maybe 12. I guess I should be happy that I am getting quality burns so far, which is probably more important than speed.

I did notice that Nero InfoTools reports no ASPI layer, but I thought I read that was required in XP, not that I know much about it.

an 80 connector cable is an 80 connector cable…magazines have done reviews on places that will sell usb2 cables for $29 and they are no better than ones going for $6.
I have seen 80 connector ide 66 calbes at best buy going for $19…ouch

I am using generic 80 pin connectors with my OEM 1620 flashed to retail and have been getting excellent burns at 16x something I was not able to do with the NEC 3500 on the same machine same slot same cable.